Doug Pederson Reportedly “Stepping Down” After the 2020 Season

7 December 2020 NFL News & Updates Philadelphia Eagles

Photo credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It has been reported to me that Doug Pederson has reached his breaking point and is ready to step down following the 2020 season.

This news comes immediately after the Eagles lost their Week 13 matchup with the Green Bay Packers. There have been multiple leaks that Pederson has been growing increasingly unhappy. A Bleeding Green Nation story from Brandon Lee Gowton surfaced back on November 28 that was titled, “Some are saying that Doug Pederson, wouldn’t be totally unhappy if he ends up getting fired.”

Included in this story were excerpts from a conversation between former Eagles President Joe Banner and Daily News reporter Paul Domowitch. Domo stated, “Doug Pederson clearly is frustrated right now with what’s happening. There are people both inside and outside of the organization who have told me he wouldn’t be totally unhappy if he ends up getting fired. He won’t have any trouble getting another head job. He might have more say over personnel someplace else. What do you think?” In which Banner responded, “If he is — and I doubt he is — reaching the point where he’s kind of had it, he’s probably just frustrated with internal dynamics and maybe some things that he had to do that didn’t work out, or things that he would like to do that he isn’t being allowed to do. That’s when it becomes a little hopeless as a head coach and makes you feel like you can’t overcome it. If anything is going on, that’s likely the cause rather than the external pressure of negative stories and talk-show criticism.”

This is a very telling conversation as Banner distinctly pointed out the possible rift between Doug Pederson and the Front Office.

Pederson had confirmed reports of “divvying” up play-calling responsibilities with QBs Coach, Press Taylor in Week 13. This was a tell tale of Pederson’s unhappiness and ultimate hopelessness with the organization.

This inevitable break up between the Eagles and their only Super Bowl winning Head Coach has been evident for weeks, but nobody wanted to accept it. Well, it’s time.

Who’s to blame?

Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie did not allot enough power to Pederson, whether it be in the roster management sector or assessing the current Quarterback situation. This has rubbed Doug the wrong way, and he understands that he could have more say elsewhere, so why not leave?

The Eagles now have their biggest controversy in the franchise’s history: Wentz or Hurts.

Pederson knows his worth, and will not have any issue finding a job elsewhere. There are a few teams that will be looking for a Head Coach in the off-season: Falcons, Lions, Texans, and most likely the Chargers. These are all desirable destinations as there is ample amounts of talent present in all of these organizations.

Doug Pederson will be the most targeted coach on the market, and he knows that.

Financial Implications

A coach’s contract is NOT included within a team’s salary cap.

The only instance in which the Eagles would “owe” Pederson is if he were fired and there were clauses within his contract that are guarantees or achieved bonuses.

Once again, Pederson understands that he will find a job very quickly. So, why run the risk of his coaching career concluding in Philadelphia years down the line if he could get out after this season?

He understands the opportunity cost and values the future of his coaching career over the remainder of his contract with the Eagles. Simply put, Pederson is investing in himself rather then depending on Howie Roseman, Jeffrey Lurie, or a Quarterback.

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