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Report: Eagles HC Doug Pederson is on the hot seat, future is in doubt

6 December 2020 Uncategorized

Well, all the controversial and big news always comes out on the day of the game. 

This time, it’s big enough that it’ll shake the organization. It seems like the Philadelphia Eagles and owner Jeffrey Lurie are in the search for a new coach because Doug Pederson is officially on the hot seat. 

In a report by Ian Rapoport, here’s what he said. 

“Despite winning a Super Bowl three years ago with a backup QB, advancing to the divisional round the following year and winning the division just last year, Pederson finds himself on the hot seat with his future in doubt, sources say. There is no guarantee he returns in 2021 despite his record, and the struggles of Wentz — and the lack of answers — would be part of that.”

Let’s face it, the offense especially hasn’t been good since that 2017 run. However, they managed to get into the playoffs both years and get the one double doink win. 

We all know those playoff games and division win last year was just barely taping over the problems. This team has had struggles and a lot of it comes down to coaching at the end of the day.

In a new age of NFL, your offense cannot be averaging under 20 points a game, especially when the division is as winnable as it is this season. The team has looked horrible and it’s rightfully on the coaches and coaching staff.

The same article says he’s on the hot seat and his future is in doubt. We’ll always respect Pederson for bringing that Lombardi trophy home, but sometimes parting ways before it gets really ugly is the way to go. 

Photo Credit: Rob Deutche/ USA Today