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Three things to watch for: Eagles vs. Seahawks

30 November 2020 Uncategorized

  Monday night football; is there a bigger stage in football. The Philadelphia Eagles are struggling, but a win tonight would put them back on track and would go a long way. 

Coming to town is the Seattle Seahawks who sit at 7-3 and are one of the top teams in the league. However, defensively, the Seahawks have struggled. The Eagles are one of two teams who haven’t scored 30+ points this season, so they have their problems as well. If the Eagles are to win, here’s the three things that need to happen. 

  1. Run Miles Sanders

The Eagles haven’t been too committed to running the ball this season. In fact, Miles Sanders has played in just seven games and he’s only averaging 13 carries a game. He hasn’t reached 20+ carries since week two this season. Although Seattle has the third best run defense, the Eagles are going to have to be committed to giving Sanders the ball. With doing so, good things will happen .

  1. No turnovers 

Every single game, the Eagles and Carson Wentz has found a way to turn the ball over and hurt the team. The Seahawks will take advantage of the turnovers and score points. To win this game, they have to handle the ball better. It’s time the Eagles stop shooting themselves, it’s what hurt them all season. 

  1. Contain Russell Wilson 

The Eagles have been really bad defending quarterbacks who run. You best bet the Seahawks are going to try to take advantage of that. As well as, a lot of Wilson’s best plays happen when he breaks contain. Boxing him in and making him stay in the pocket will go along way. It’ll stop him from not only using his legs, but stop this big play. He hurt them doing that last year in both their matchups. 

It’s always going to be a tough matchup when a good team like Seattle comes to town. The Eagles are undefeated in prime time this season. The football hasn’t been good at all, but here’s to hoping they turn it around. 

Photo Credti: Kate Frese/ Philly Voice

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