Is It Time For The Eagles To “Blow It Up”?

23 November 2020 Eagles News

Yes, the only answer is yes. After this weekends horrendous display of football, the Eagles look like they have reached a place of no return. The constant mistakes, vanilla offense, and undisciplined nature of this football team have continued to happen and it’s time to blow this whole thing up.

Lets starts with the obvious, Doug Pederson has to go. There’s nothing left for me to see that’ll change my mind. The stubbornness, the lack of ability to coach towards Carson Wentz strengths, the vanilla style of offense, and last but not least play calling has put Doug on the hot seat in my eyes.

This isn’t just a one year anomaly with Pederson. Everything I just mentioned has been consistent since 2018. You can bring up the 2 straight playoff berths after the Super Bowl, but lets be honest, they barely squeaked by in ‘18 with Foles, and last season Carson Wentz’s raw talent saved Pederson’s ass. Truth be told, I’m not even sure Doug was in charge of the plays being calling in those last 4 games on the ‘19 season. Wentz might’ve just took over and called the plays on the fly.

I can go into all the stats in the world to make my point against Pederson remaining the Head Coach of this football team, but there’s no point to. We all see what has taken place on the field this season. Injuries or not, the display of football this season has been piss poor. Yes, Carson Wentz has struggled mightily and there’s not much defending left on his part, but a big part of that is Pederson’s inability to play call towards Wentz’s strengths.

I need someone to explain to me why Pederson refuses to get Wentz in roll out situations. It’s literally proven in stats that Wentz is a better passer outside of the pocket compared to in the pocket. Why would you not play to that strength?

Truthfully, it may not even matter because Pederson fails to run a balanced offense. The running game is almost non existent. The Eagles are 27th in the league in rushing attempts per game with 24.1 attempts per game. Doug; HELLO!!!! You have a running back of Miles Sanders talents and why, why do you refuse to utilize him, and it’s not just Sanders that Pederson doesn’t utilize. He just simply seems to not under stand how to use his weapons.

Jalen Reagor has gotten better every game since returning. It’s evident the kid has god giving talent and speed. What does Doug do? Calls go’s and comebacks for the kid. This goes back to the vanilla style of offense. You watch the Chiefs, Colts, Rams, Seahawks and what do they do? Their WR/TE/RB always have some type of motion pre snap, and crossing patterns post snap. You’ll rarely see this from Doug and if you do, it’s once or twice a game. For example, they ran a motion screen with Greg Ward in yesterday’s game. That’s not a play you run for Ward, that’s a play you run for Reagor who has the speed to hit a hole and be gone. Truly amazes me that Doug has the inability to see this.

Decisions like this just help my case of moving on from Doug Pederson. To be honest you’re only as strong as your weakest link and it’s single handedly has been Pederson this season.

Next on the list is none other than Jim Schwartz. The inconsistency throughout his Eagles career is too repetitive to remain the DC of this football team. Schwartz’s wide 9 scheme has been figured out by the league and been abused over the past 2 years and it’s time to say goodbye. From the woes of having basically the worst secondary his entire tenure here, to the recent inability to adjust to read option designs, we have saw Schwartz’s defense just get pummeled week in and week out. You can blame it on personnel, you can blame it on injuries, but truth be told these guys just aren’t coached well enough.

This defense has been one of the most undisciplined defenses in the league this season. The amount of offsides and neutral zone infractions is alarming.

To add to the negatives of Schwartz’s time with the Eagles, they have been without a doubt one of the worst tackling teams I’ve come across in my years of being an Eagles fan. Tackling is all technique and effort and to me there is neither when it comes to the majority of the players on the roster. It’s been a problem for a while now, and that falls back on coaching.

It’s time to bring someone in here who is going to get the best out of these guys, and sadly it doesn’t seem like Schwartz is able to do that for this team any longer.

Last but not least, Howie Roseman. Roseman won’t go anywhere, and I’m not going to waste my time thinking he will, but it’s time for Lurie to re-strip Howie of drafting authority and football operations and bring in a football mind who has an eye for talent, or let him go.

Say what you want about Roseman, he’s done some really good, and he’s done some really bad. But the worst thing he’s done recently is get us in an almost impossible to fix cap situation. I’m not going to go into every contract detail, but just know he put us in a situation where we are going to be 64 million dollars over the cap. That’s right, 64 MILLION!!! I know Howie has been able to get us out of cap trouble before but not like this. I wouldn’t be as concerned if this team had a bunch of young talent, but that’s not the case because once again, Howie doesn’t know how to draft. On top of that, he has put together the 2nd oldest team in all of football. Not great for the near future.

All in all, the moves Howie has made post Super Bowl may have pushed this team about 5 years back from getting back to the 2017 season’s status. Jeffrey Lurie has to put his big boy pants on and either take all football operations away from Howie and keep him strictly on numbers and figuring this cap out or let him go.

When it comes down to it, football teams succeed by having talent, and good coaching. The Eagles have some talent, but not enough which falls on Roseman and the coaching, which has just been outright terrible this season. I just feel deep down in my gut that this coaching regime has ran its course and it’s time to start over from scratch and bring in a coach who will cater to Wentz strengths and find a defensive coordinator who will develop young talent and will coach this team fundamentally sound and hard.

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