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On the road to victory: Eagles vs. Browns

22 November 2020 Uncategorized

 We’ve got ourselves another game to sit through and for our sake, let’s hope it’s finally a good performance. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Cleveland Browns today and they’re hoping to get back on the winning side of things. 

After falling to the Giants last week, the Eagles currently sit at 3-5-1. It’s not that this game is must win, but a loss would not help them by any means. Winning would push them to almost .500% and give them control in the NFC East. If the Eagles are to win, here’s three things that need to happen. 

  1. Run, Run and Run 

Obviously everyone always wants to run the ball more, but today, that narrative needs to be pushed more than ever. It’s going to be an ugly game today, with rain expected during the whole game. The Browns have only given up 944 rushing yards this season, which is the seventh best in the league. For the Eagles, Miles Sanders has been highly effective. Only one player, Alvin Kamara, has more yards per touch. It’s time to feed Miles. 

2. Defensive line dominance 

The Eagles defensive line has done well stop the run this season from running backs. They’ve struggled to stop quarterback runs and gadget runs, but against running backs, they’ve done well. With Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, there’s two running backs to stop. Winning on the defensive line is the biggest key to this game. Giving up 1,197 rushing yards which isn’t too good, they need to have a big game today. 

3. No Turnovers

Every week, the Eagles find a way to turn the ball over and give the opposing team good field position. In this bad weather, it’s going to be hard to keep it clean, but whatever team does will have an even bigger advantage. The Eagles can’t afford to give the Browns a short field today, being able to keep drives going then pin them back when it doesn’t go well will win them this game. It’s very important. 

It’s not going to be a great game by any means here. The Eagles are going to be in a dog fight today against a tough Browns team in this terrible weather. It’s going to take everyone, let’s hope they bounce back with a W! 

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