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On the Road To Victory: Eagles vs. Giants

15 November 2020 Uncategorized

 Philadelphia Eagles fans, the bye week is over and we have a game today. They’re taking on the New York Giants for the second time in four weeks. 

Last time around, with under 5 minutes left in the game, the Eagles rallied and scored two touchdowns to take the win away from the Giants. It was a very sloppy game, and either time had much to be happy about. A win here again for the Eagles would really put them in control of the division. So, without further ado, here’s the three things the Eagles need to do to control this game. 

1. Run Miles Run 

Miles Sanders is back and healthy today for the Eagles. He leads the NFL in yards per carry (6.1) and he’s the only running back with two 40 plus yard runs. He’s been called the Eagles home run hitter and rightfully so. His explosive style and play making will only cause the Giants problems today. With him in the lineup, the Eagles are much harder to defend. Using him a lot today will only reap rewards for the Birds. 

2. No Turnovers 

Say what you want about the outcome of the last Giants game, the Eagles and Carson Wentz were the only reason they were in the game. Scoring off of turnovers were what the Giants did. The Eagles made it very easy for them. Playing a clean game will go miles today. The Giants offense is not that great but will capitalize when you give them a short field. Wentz needs to play smart football today, it’s a big game. 

3. Pressure Daniel Jones 

Daniel Jones hasn’t seen a game where he hasn’t turned the ball over. The Giants offensive line isn’t the greatest. The Eagles invested a lot of money into their defensive line, they need to show up. Creating and pressuring Jones only leads to opportunities for your defense. By doing so, they’ll completely dictate this game. 

It’s going to be a tough divisional game for the Eagles. A win is important because it sets them up very nicely in the division and that’s really all the matters. If you win your division games, you’ll win the division. Everything is in front of them, it’s up to them to get the result. 

Photo Credit: Sarah Stier/Getty Images

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