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It Starts Right Now

1 November 2020 Uncategorized


Tonight we make a statement.

Tonight we leave no doubt.

Tonight we take a stranglehold of this division and bury these clowns from Dallas with the rest of this divison.

We start this run to the playoffs right now.

I’ve heard Joe Webb’s name all week and I am sick of it.

I don’t care of they have Ben Dinucci, Ben Roethlisberger, or Ben Franklin, this defense eats all night.

Stop trying to talk yourself out of believing in this team tonight. The Dallas Cowboys are a bad team. Like their owner, they are a bunch of self-centered underachievers who are all bite and no bark.

The Eagles have struggled. There’s zero doubt about that, but they have battled every game the last few weeks and they’re only getting healthier and finally looking like a team.

I want the Linc rocking tonight. Let’s dance on some cowboy graves tonight and send them crawling home.

Tonight’s game sets the tone for the rest of the season. You win back-to-back divisional games, rest up and get healthy, then grab another divisional game against New York and you’re rolling into the back half of the season.

Wentz has made his mistakes but he’s made some magic as well. The guy is playing with one offensive starter from week 1 and still getting the job done. Now he gets back Reagor, Goedert, Peters, and hopefully some more reinforcements soon. It’s about to get scary for the rest of the league.

Sports Center, keep talking. We hear you Kellerman. I know you announce boxing but that shouldn’t effect how your brain works with all of these outlandish takes.

Dallas fans, you haven’t been relevant since VCR’s, so crawl back under your rock’s and spare us the depressing banter.

We get it. Philly is loud, proud, and more often than not pretty wild, but we love it. We love the hate. It fuels us. So try to flex our games out of primetime, keep our key players off your click bait lists. We know the truth, and that is Philly fans make you jealous and nervous.

You’re jealous that you aren’t apart of a brotherhood or sisterhood that’s almost as tight as blood bonds. You’re nervous around us because we are more knowledgeable and passionate than you could ever imagine. We don’t flake on our teams and we hold it down no matter what.

So enjoy the game tonight everyone. Eagles fans and other fans alike.

Fulgham, never heard of him?

You will.


Your wife will have his jersey in the shopping cart by halftime.

Eagles fans, enjoy your wings, hoagies, and beverages.

Everyone else, enjoy your gluten free coli-flour wings and raisins in your potato salad as you watch the first place Philadelphia Eagles kick the cowboys back down south.

As Always Eagles Fan, Fly Eagles Fly!

Photo Credit: David Maialetti–Philadelphia Inquire

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