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Eagles Twitter Reacts to Carson Wentz’s fourth quarter win

23 October 2020 Eagles News

When the winning isn’t happening all too often, you’ll take an ugly win. For the Eagles faithful, they completely understand that.

After the game, I took to Twitter to see how people were feeling and here’s their thoughts.

Carson Wentz played good football when he needed to the most and that’s important. It’s was great early on, but he turned it up and got two huge touchdowns with under six minutes left to win the game for the Eagles.

With a healthy offense, Wentz can be elite. He’s shown he’s elite with what he’s done and with who that’s with. Given time, he’ll make any throw and that was evident on the winning touchdown.

Now, with all that being said, the biggest positive for this team was that not only did they win, they now get to enjoy and extended break.

This team is banged up, they’re bruised and they’re hurt. With a little but if extra time to recover, maybe we’ll see a few extra guys back next Sunday when they take on the Dallas Cowboys. We already know linebacker TJ Edwards is set to return. Hopefully some more players will follow suit.

It’s nice to get that victory feeling again. This team is in the mix for playoff football again and as they win, they’ll only get more confident. Who knows what’ll happen then. Everything is in front of them, is their division to lose.

Photo Credit: Derik Hamilton/AP

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