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Report: Eagles to be aggressive at trade deadline

18 October 2020 Uncategorized

With the NFL trade deadline approaching, the Philadelphia Eagles are expected to be one of the more aggressive teams.

Here’s what one NFL GM said.

“Howie is on the prowl already, He’s looking for action. If there is a trade to be made he’ll do it. Bringing in a free agent from the outside is tougher now and more risky with COVID, and he loves to make trades anyway. I’ll bet you anything he gets something done before the deadline.”

We all know Eagles general manager Howie Roseman loves adding players by trading. We’ve seen him get great value for players like Jay Ajayi and Golden Tate.

Sitting at 1-3-1, the Eagles are surprisingly very much in play for the NFC East. But, this team is far from perfect and could definitely use a few extra players. Obviously, the big one is linebacker, not only is the position group just not good, it’s also depleted with injuries. The Eagles could definitely use extra help there.

Another where they might be looking to upgrade is at wide receiver. The way this season is going, the Eagles are going into every game with just four wide receivers. It doesn’t look like Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson will be back next season, so if there’s a big playmaker available, the Eagles might make a move. More than likely though, they’re targeting a defensive player like a linebacker.

If you had just semi good linebacker player this season, the Eagles could be sitting 3-2 right now. Today’s a big game to get back on track versus the Baltimore Ravens. If they lose, let’s hope Howie does make a move to get this team back in schedule.

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline/USA Today Sports

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