Time For Change?

11 October 2020 Opinion Philadelphia Eagles

You know, I really thought I was passed the point of getting pissed but here we are. What an absolute nightmare of a week this was, but just enough to keep us coming back for more.

Jim Schwartz, could you have called a worse game on defense? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical bud. You have let opposing QB’s throw for a 70% completion percentage, allowed a 105 quarterback rating, translating into a third worst EIGHTY first downs and ten passing touchdowns to just two interceptions. If it weren’t for the pass rushers on the defensive line, you’d give up 500 yards per game. Yeah, you lead the league in sacks but you’re also dead last in the league for getting off the field on third down! I would say, “you’ll be lucky to have a job next week” but we know that Doug won’t fire you. I know I’m not the general manager or head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles because if I were, your pink slip would’ve been waiting in your office after the atrocities you pulled against Carolina and Tennessee. You suck.

Zach Ertz, what in gods green earth are you doing on the field this season? Bud, I understand that you’re seeing bracket coverage for the second consecutive year because of all the wide receiver injuries but, start acting like you even want to be on the football field! You look like you couldn’t care less about playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Do I blame you for your contract disputes with the team? Absolutely not. You set a record for the most receptions in a single season by a tight end, you DESERVED to be paid handsomely. Twelve and a half million dollars isn’t enough for you to be happy enough to at least ACT like you care for 16 weeks out of the year? You were Carson’s go-to guy in these times for years. Now you see George Kittle and Travis Kelce get paid more than you and you want to lose focus of what got you paid in the first place? Do you really think that your play to this point warrants a pay raise? Even if Philadelphia trades you, as a failure to meet your contract demands, do you think that the pathetic display you’ve put on this season will have any team chomping at the bit to pay you premium money? Think about it, Zach. You went to Stanford, I know you’re smarter than this.

Doug Pederson, I know you love ice cream man but, could you be anymore vanilla? You’re turning this offense into a high school team. On top of that, if your running back breaks a 74 yard run to the crib, you need to give him more carries than 11! This guy is currently sitting 11th in the league in rushing yards and you’re subbing him out for Boston Scott and Corey Clement. Your staff and you can talk about how great Corey Clement looked in camp and how great this offense looked in camp but maybe it was just how terrible your defense is. Yes, I’m looking at you, Jim. That’s besides the point. I’m actually proud of the scouting department who put together our practice squad for you, because it clearly wasn’t Howie Roseman. Travis Fulgham, Greg Ward, Deontay Burnett, Josh Perkins (at times), the list goes on and on off practice squad guys and have filled in admirably for your veterans. That leaves a very certain question, what are you going to do when those vets return?

There wasn’t all bad in week 5 though. We saw some truly admirable play from some truly uncertain players!

First and foremost, Travis Fulgham. Son, you’ve stepped in two weeks in a row and saved our asses on multiple occasions. Yes, you may have burst on the Eagles Nation radar last week with the game winning touchdown pass but what you did in week 5 was even more impressive. You were taking veteran defensive backs to school over-and-over again and as a fan, we love that shit! We haven’t seen a ten catch performance by a Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver since 2014, a guy named Jeremy Maclin did it. I stopped counting how many times you put Mike Hilton in the spin cycle and said “you need another wash.” It was fantastic to see and I applaud you for your efforts.

Miles Sanders, welcome back my friend. That 74 yard touchdown was a thing of beauty. The jump-cut to hit the hole, make a defender miss, reading your downfield blocks absolutely beautiful, sir. Truthfully, you’re one of the lone bright spots this team has left. Toting the rock like a true beast, averaging 5.1 yards per carry, seeing you run the ball is truly why we are tuning in every week. I would’ve liked to see you make a couple more catches out of the backfield but, it happens and not often with you.

Finally, Carson Wentz. I’m not going to sugar coat it, at times it’s been absolutely unbearable to watch you this season. However, you’ve certainly improved your on the field performances every single week. We watched you put together a full game that was worthy of notice this week. You gutted that loss out and should be proud of your performance. Did you throw another questionable pick? Absolutely. At the end of the day, you need to grab your guy Ertz by the facemask and tell him to quit being childish and make a damn play for you. He’s been your security blanket and has not performed up to par, much like you, this season. But Carson, I feel for you. You’ve been the continuity on offense this season and you’re doing well trying to hold it together. 19 different starters on offense this season and it’s probably going to be even more next week. I enjoy that you’re willing to buckle down your chin strap and go to war with anybody in the huddle though, so thank you.

With all that said, Howie Roseman. How are you going to take this season? Are you going to sit on your hands while the team that you assembled takes injury after injury or are you going to grit your teeth and make the necessary changes to allow for this team to take over a bruised and battered NFC East? We stopped with the loyalty money, remember? There’s no room for friends in business and you’re working counterintuitively to that statement. Stop handing money to people who don’t deserve it, and get us some playmakers.

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