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Keys to the Game: Eagles vs. Steelers

11 October 2020 Uncategorized

The Philadelphia Eagles battle for the right to own Pennsylvania today when the take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers coming off of a Covid enforced bye week, are looking to continue to have success. For the Eagles, after picking up their first win, their looking to keep that momentum. Without further ado, here’s the three keys to the game. 

          1. Defensive line dominance

The last two weeks have shown us all just how good the Eagles defensive line is and is going to be. They posted back to back week totals of eight sacks and five sacks. In the league, they’ve totaled the most sacks (18) and the most quarterback pressures. More than that, the Eagles interior defensive line makes it extremely difficult to run up the middle. If this group controls the game, the other keys don’t even matter as much because the Eagles will be put in a great situation.

          2. Miles Sanders needs to have a game

It’s going to be an ugly game in Pittsburgh. The conditions won’t be great and they’re a good defense. With that being said, running the ball will have a huge impact for the Eagles. One of the best players in the league, Miles Sanders, can takeover this game for the Birds. If he has a special performance, there’s nothing the Steelers could do other than clap.

         3. No turnovers

Last but not least, the turnovers have buried this team. Carson Wentz has been lack luster to say the least with the ball. Today, that cannot happen. The Steelers are a good team who’ll definitely capitalize on those mistakes. Playing a clean game helped the Eagles last week and it will again today. No more turnovers.

The Eagles are in a good spot but we can’t fool ourselves, the Steelers are a tough team. It’s going to be a low scoring, fight till the end game. The Eagles need to control the line, run the ball and limit turnovers. You don’t have to beat every team with Wentz. It’s not going to be a pretty game but that’s okay. Hopefully the Eagles walk out of today’s game 2-2-1.

Photo Credit: Ezra Scott/Getty Images

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