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The Eagles defensive line caused havoc vs. 49ers

5 October 2020 Uncategorized

You win games at the line of scrimmage and that statement was more than true tonight for the Philadelphia Eagles.

We all know the Eagles defensive line has some big time players on it. You’d expect them to dominate most games, but sometimes that just isn’t the case. Tonight against the San Francisco 49ers, their impact was felt.

Whether it was Fletcher Cox, Malik Jackson, Brandon Graham, Javon Hargrove, Derek Barnett, Josh Sweat and even Genard Avery; the Eagles have a bunch of players who can impact the game. Tonight, they racked up five sacks and forced the 49ers into a few turnovers.

When the defensive line is that dominant, it’s hard for the opposing offense to get any rhythm. Being so deep in talent helps the Eagles stay fresh and stay disruptive.

Last week, the Eagles sacked Joe Burrow eight times and they add another five sacks today. The Eagles have a mighty fine defensive line brewing and they’re only getting better.

You can’t run up the middle because the interior line is too strong. You can’t hold the ball too long because they’ll eventually get to you. What do you do? There’s no answer because when they’re this good, they’re just this good.

Now, the next step it to help limit the impact the Eagles linebackers have trying to cover anyone. Eventually as Will Parks gets healthy hopefully that problem will go away, but that’s a story for another time. Right now, let’s celebrate the win. The Eagles defensive line carried them to it.

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