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Game Reaction: The Eagles didn’t lose… or win, they tied

27 September 2020 Uncategorized

Well, the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t lose this week, but, they didn’t win either.

The Eagles aren’t 0-3, however they’re now 0-2-1 after tying the Cincinnati Bengals 23-23. They remain winless.

Again, it was another shocking all around performance from the Eagles. The Bengals aren’t a bad team, they’re a young team. A good team runs all over them and leaves no doubt. The Eagles tied them, so what’s that tell you about the Eagles?

The Eagles offensively just couldn’t get anything going again. Carson Wentz was missing wide receivers and had two interceptions. He finished the game with a nice 21 yard rushing touchdown to tie it up. However, there was no overtime magic. Statically speaking he put up 225 yards with one touchdown and two picks. He also used his legs quite a bit racking up 65 rushing yards and one touchdown.

Running the ball should have been easy for the Eagles as the Bengals came into this game with one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. Miles Sanders still finished the game with 18 carries for 95 yards.

The only wide receiver to talk about is Greg Ward who’s Wentz’s really only good option at the position. Obviously Zach Ertz is a big time target for him as well, but Ward led the way with 8 catches for 72 yards and one score.

Defensively, the Eagles got pressure. They got eight sacks and we causing a lot of problems. Just boneheaded plays always came back to bite them. Bengals wide receivers Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd had a field day as well. For the Bengals, they got themselves a good quarterback in Joe Burrow.

Where do the Eagles go from here? No one knows. It’ll be week four and they’re still searching for their first win, this season is going to be one of the deadliest roller coasters you’ve ever ridden.

Photo Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images

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