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Game Reaction: Eagles fall to Rams 37-19

20 September 2020 Uncategorized

The Philadelphia Eagles have started off their 2020 campaign 0-2. Not good at all.

It’s just simply not good enough for an Eagles team with a ton of talent. The Eagles fell to the Los Angeles Rams 37-19 in a game best describe as terrible.

Again, two turnovers completely killed the Eagles as both times, the Rams scored a touchdown off of the Eagles mistakes. Defensively, the Eagles let Rams tight end Tyler Higbee find the end zone not once, not twice but three times.

From an Eagles standpoint, the only good thing about today’s game was Miles Sanders. He rushed for 95 yards and a touchdown to go along with also 36 receiving yards. He’s a legit running back and deserves a lot better.

At one point, Jared Goff was 12/12 against the Eagles defense, Not Peyton Manning in his prime… Jared Goff. The Eagles decided to play after he missed a pass finally. In the end, they were torched still. The could not stop the run or the pass.

Offensively, the Eagles decided to counter their downfield attack last week by today not attempting to push the ball downfield at all. It was a complete 180 from last week in a bad way. Carson Wentz was not too accurate, there were some big time drops and just stagnant play all around. Doug Pederson and the Eagles coaching staff were outclassed today by a mile.

For the Eagles to start off the season 0-2, they have to wake up. The coaching is terrible, the play is terrible and franchise quarterback Carson Wentz has been terrible. It’s just simply not good enough.

Where do the Eagles go to from here. There 0-2, things can’t get any worse, right? It’s very hard to watch this team play football because the bottom line is, they did have a lot of talented players. They shoot themselves in the foot, they don’t execute and they don’t adjust until it’s too late.

No one has developed the last two season and who’s to blame? The Eagles are in a really terrible position if we’re Frank. Next week they’ll take on Joe Burrow  and the Bengals, hoping for their first win.

Photo Credit: USA Today-Bill Streicher

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