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Eagles WR Jalen Reagor is That Dude, the Eagles need to find ways to get him the ball

14 September 2020 Uncategorized

  Jalen Reagor is that dude, the Philadelphia Eagles need to get him the ball.

The Eagles first round pick flashed when his name was called upon, however, it was only called upon one time. Reagor was target just three times in which he caught one, barely missed one and one was intercepted.

On his one reception, Reagor ran a beautiful route, beating Washington CB Ronald Darby on a 55 yard downfield completion. It was a great route that displayed not just his speed, but his route running ability.

Carson Wentz narrowly missed Reagor on another deep pass that was just out of his reach as well. If one thing was clear today, Reagor has the ability to beat defenders deep at the NFL level.

Besides those two plays, Reagor wasn’t really called upon which is shocking. He’s a player that we know can make things happen when he gets the football in his hands. But today it seemed like the Eagles were just wanting to use him as a deep threat which is the wrong way to use him.

We know he can run the deep route but maybe switch it up a bit. In college, he was used in many different ways that showcased his playmaking ability. The key was getting him the ball and allowing him to make the play. Something the Eagles should do and what they’ve done it years prior was wide receiver screens, but today, that didn’t even look like an option.

The fact of the matter is, Reagor is much more than what the Eagles did with him Sunday. The Eagles took a player who’s multifaceted and had him do one thing only. Instead of making matchups work in their favor, they forced their hand.

Going forward, especially if the Eagles offensive line is like it was yesterday, need to use the short passing game combined with their wide receivers speed to advantage. It seemed like the Eagles were obsessed with the deep ball yesterday when all they have to do is get the ball to Reagor in any way possible. He’ll do the rest.

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles

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