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Let’s Talk: Zach Ertz and his contract situation

10 September 2020 Uncategorized

The Philadelphia Eagles have a problem on their hands with this one.

After sitting and watching fellow tight ends George Kittle and Travis Kelce get paid, Zach Ertz wants a new contract of his own. And, he doesn’t feel like that feeling is mutual. When talking to the media, here’s exactly what Ertz had to say.

“It’s been frustrating at times, it’s been difficult. I said all along I want be here for the long run. I don’t know if for sure that feeling is mutual. I’m going to play this year like it’s my last year.”

Obviously, let’s first talk about Ertz on the field. He’s Carson Wentz’s go to option and he’s just 65 receptions away from the Eagles franchise reception record. In his career he has totaled 5.743 yards on 525 receptions.

We know he’s a beast on the field. He’s a matchup nightmare and there’s no signs of him slowing down.

Taking to twitter to see how everyone feels Ertz’s contract extension, here’s what people think.

These two bring up a great point, with Dallas Goedert as the number two tight end and waiting to break out in a bigger role, it makes it hard for the Eagles to commit to paying big money to two tight ends. Especially now more than every, with the Eagles in big time cap trouble next season.

But, as Mark points out, Ertz is a big member of the offense.

When the Eagles need him the most, that’s when Ertz shines the brightest. In the Super Bowl, countless third and fourth down conversions, not to mention him playing through fractured ribs and a lacerated kidney. In a way, the Eagles should do him justice for everything he’s done for them.

The hardest pill we all have to swallow is that the NFL is still a business. The Eagles might not be as in a rush to pay Ertz because they do have Goedert. It’s a tough decision and it’s one I’m glad I’m not making.

However, as this story is going to play out, there will be Eagles games on. Football is back and we know Ertz will give his all to the team this season and for right now, that’s all the matters.

Photo Credit: Michael Perez/AP

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