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Track meet Eagles football is coming to a stadium near you, get ready!

20 August 2020 Uncategorized

Last season, the Philadelphia Eagles ended with a bunch of wide receivers who couldn’t garner any separation. To their credit, they were put in difficult situations due to injuries, but the moral of the story was the Eagles didn’t have one wide receiver last season who had over 500 yards. With an offseason to address their woes; the Eagles not only got some wide receivers, they got some play makers.

Yes it’s early and it’s training camp, however, the Eagles three wide receivers they brought in; Jalen Reagor, John Hightower and Quez Watkins, all look like day one contributors.

Here’s a clip of Hightower vs. Darius Slay

Now, let’s make something clear, it’s very hard for a cornerback to actually win one of these matchups. What you need to look out rather than that is how fluid Hightower looks and how fast he cuts and is inside. That’s something that’s not easy to do.

Now, let’s show a clip of Watkins

The route here is just too good. And the catch was nice as well. Watkins could really become a legit deep threat in the league with how things are starting to look. Again, like Hightower, things just look easy for him.

Now, the best for last, here’s a clip of Reagor.

Everyone was skeptical, but it seems Reagor is blossoming into a beast right before our eyes. All reports indicate he’s a monster in space and has great hands. He’s definitely going to be a day one starter for the Eagles.

What the Eagles gained the draft was wide receivers who are playmakers. With one play, all three of them can change a game. That’s something the Eagles really haven’t had in years. This wide receiver group is so strong.

People have called it track meet football and it really is. They’re going to tire defenses out and when that weakness becomes present, they’ll strike. Who’s the best at that, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles are using that exact formula. Carson Wentz is going to have his choice at what wide receivers to fling that ball to.

It’s early in training camp as the season gets closer, the Eagles offensive potential is only going to become a bigger story. Keep up to date with everything on 4thandJawn. FLY EAGLES FLY.

Photo Credit: Eagles

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