Now is the Time

3 August 2020 Opinion

When is the time when WE can gather on the 3rd baseline and cheer at the crack of the bat.

When is the time when WE can jump out of our seats as our favorite player throws down a thunderous dunk.

When is the time when WE can smack our hands against the glass as the penalty kill winds to zero.

When is the time when WE can embrace our loved ones as the clock hits zero and a life long dream comes true…

For all of this and among other things, we do not know when that time will come.

In 2020 and the forseeable future, we are living in the moment more than ever. There is a clear division in the world today. Even as some groups are more united than ever, each day we all seem to grow further and further apart. Right versus wrong has never seemed so complex. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but some forget that everyone is entitled the same rights as others. I don’t have the answers. No one does. I do know this though. We love sports for many reasons, but the one reason we might not admit is that we love sport because they distract us from all of the outside noise.

I love sports because they have been intertwined with my life since day 1. Till this day I still participate and will continue to until the day my body gives out on me. Sports are where a group of extraordinary men and women, all with different views on life come together to achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams. It’s a beautiful thing. Sometimes in my life, it’s been the only thing. Sports have saved lives and made lives. So many young men and women who grew up with nothing used sports as shield from their realities and a means of transportation to the better places in life.

This is why it is so difficult to make a call on whether we should play sports or not. We must always put the safety of these athletes and those they could come into contact first but we must also consider what will happen to these athletes without sports. This does not just include kids, we have seen professional players attached to negative headlines this offseason as well. I do not think there will ever be an agreed upon right or wrong call, but a call will be made.

As awful as this virus has been and continues to be, I believe the worst part is that we as a country do not realize that this was and still is an opportunity to put our differences aside and come together and defeat this thing. Unfortunately, we’ve done the exact opposite. Tensions are higher than ever. I wish I could type all of the anger, fear, and hurt away but it’s not that easy.

I can tell you this though. Now is the time to come together.

Now is the time to reach out to the people love and especially to the people you haven’t talked to in awhile.

Now is the time to appreciate what you have and all that you have already experienced.

I do not know when football will be back, but I know I will be counting the minutes until it is.

For my own selfish reasons I want to see football, but even more so for a young guy like Jalen Reagor who’s ready to show everyone why he was “the guy” in the draft. Moreover, for a guy like Carson Wentz who is constantly disrespected and handed the short end of the stick and ready to continue to prove the doubters wrong. These men have earned the right to play and represent their families and this city. But you learn in life that things aren’t fair. You can do everything right and it just takes one person to do something wrong and it can ruin it for everyone else.

So until the time comes, mask up, stop being an expert on everything you learned from someone else also pretending to be an expert, stop being racist and allowing others around you to be racist, and wash your hands. The sooner and more effectively you do all of this, the faster we get football back and get back to some sort of normalcy. Be safe, bleed green, and always bet the over. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!

Photo via, Philadelphia Eagles Media Team