Madden 21: Eagles Ratings

16 July 2020 Philadelphia Eagles

Earlier this week EA Sports released some player ratings for their highly anticipated upcoming video game Madden 21. Every year the player rating reveals seem to grow more and more buzz, mainly since not much in the actual game play has changed over the years. It is also because the Madden adjusters just can never seem to get it right. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Jalen Reagor: 73
Speed: 93
Acceleration: 92
Strength: 62
Agility: 94
Awareness: 67
Catch: 79
Break Tackle: 75
Jump: 94

Jalen Hurts: 68
Speed: 86
Acceleration: 89
Strength: 72
Agility: 88
Awareness: 65
Throw Power: 84
Break Tackle: 75
Jump: 86

John Hightower: 68
Speed: 92
Acceleration: 89
Strength: 49
Agility: 85
Awareness: 65
Catch: 81
Break Tackle: 69
Jump: 90

Quez Watkins: 65
Speed: 94
Acceleration: 90
Strength: 41
Agility: 86
Awareness: 61
Catch: 80
Break Tackle: 74
Jump: 87
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that speed and acceleration? All in all, from a madden standpoint there isn’t much to complain about when it comes to our rookie skilled positions. Reagor’s strength (62.) and Hurts’ awareness (65.) could use some work but they are both also coming in as the fifth ranked rookies at their respected positions (Reagor coming in just behind Henry Ruggs lll, Ceedee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy and Justin Jefferson. Hurts coming in just behind Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Jordan Love and Justin Herbert. Some rather good company.).
Madden 21 has also revealed their top 10 Quarterbacks in the game, with Carson Wentz coming in with an overall rating of 84, which is tied for # 9 with… You guessed it, none other than Dak Prescott.

Considering Wentz and Dak have been compared since their rookie years this doesn’t really come as a surprise to most, however what is pretty shocking is Falcons QB Matt Ryan sitting at #7 with an 87 .

While EA did reveal some ratings this week, some were also leaked. Madden awarded The Philadelphia Eagles with an 83 overall which is sixth highest in the game, with an offense of 87 and a defense of 80. Once again, fair.

This is where things start to get a little questionable. The top 10 rated players of each team have seemed to have also leaked and Eagles fans have some questions.

Top Eagles Players in Madden 21:

1. Fletcher Cox -96
2. Jason Kelce -96
3. Brandon Brooks -93
4. Zach Ertz -90
5. Lane Johnson -89
6. Brandon Graham -87
7. Darius Slay Jr. -87
8. Carson Wentz -84
9. Alshon Jeffery -84
10. Nickell Robey- Coleman – 83

It is very comical that both Lane Johnson and newly acquired Darius Slay Jr. didn’t land somewhere in the 90’s.  It’s also quite curious how Wentz was only rated an 84 (Guess they were not watching at the end of last season.). But the biggest issue here for most is that Miles Sanders name is missing meaning his rating has to be an 83 or lower. Turns out he’s only an 80 overall. Not quite sure how you could watch this team last season and think Alshon was more deserving of a top 10 position and a grade of 84 overall more than “Boobie,” but Madden’s people clearly did.

All things considered, from what we’ve seen so far, I  believe that this Madden roster is fair overall.  A few changes could be made but Madden has adjusters for a reason, look for some roster updates closer to week 4… That is, if there even is a week 4 this season.

Photo Credit: Twitter-@eagles_edits