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Jalen Reagor already lives rent free in Skip Bayless’s head

26 May 2020 Uncategorized

Hey at Skip Bayless, the NFL season hasn’t even started and rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagor is already in your head.

On his show Undisputed, here’s what Skip Bayless had to say about Reagor.

First off, did he even do his homework? Let me guess, he just looked up the statistics. So, let’s first go over those.

Over his three years, Reagor caught 148 receptions for 2,248 yards and 22 touchdowns. That’s a career average of 15.2 yards per reception . He also added 35 carries for 324 rushing yards and two touchdowns. But, that’s not it, he can also return punts and kicks.

And, a statistic to remember with Reagor is on 30.7% of his targets were accurate throws. His junior year with a bit better quarterback play, Reagor posted 72 receptions for 1,061 yards and nine touchdowns.

Another advantage to having Reagor is, he can do it all. He took 13 kick returns for 315 yards which is an average of 30 yards per return. Punt returning, he took 15 punts for 409 yards and two touchdowns as well. He’s not just a one trick pony, he does everything on the field.

Just looking at statistics, Skip looks stupid. Reagor clearly shows a lot of value just by those. However, those don’t paint the whole picture at all.

What do the Eagles lack? A playmaker with speed who can catch the ball and make a huge play. While Reagor gives them just that, it’s not all he’ll give them. When you actually watch Reagor play, you see he’s way more versatile then the mainstream draft media made him seem.

With the Eagles, Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson, they’re going to find ways to have Reagor impact the game. Catching and or running, he’ll have the opportunity to change any game.

So, Skip, the biased Dallas Cowboys fan, what do you have to say now?

He’s writing checks that his team isn’t going to be able to cash for him. He threw wood onto the Reagor for fire before the season even started. Thank you for that, Reagor is going to kill the Cowboys for years to come.

Even when you look at the statistics, they prove Reagor was worthy of a first round pick. But, we’re smarter than just looking at statistics. Looking at fit, versatility and passion, Reagor checks all those boxes. He fits the offenses need. The Eagles needed a speedster who can make plays. He can play the X,Z and slot position on offense, as well as take hand offs and end arounds. And lastly, passion. Thanks to a person like Skip Bayless, he’s got all the reasons to prove people like him wrong.

Watching Reagor thrive for the Eagles is going to be a thing of beauty. There’s two words to describe my excitement and that’s, can’t wait.

Photo Credit: Ryan Michalesko / The Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer

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