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Eagles plan to use QB Jalen Hurts in a “Taysom Hill on steroids” package, what’s this exactly mean?

27 April 2020 Uncategorized

The Philadelphia Eagles drafted Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts in the second round of the NFL Draft. At first the pick was not favorited by the Eagles faithful, but as the days go on and more information is coming out, having Hurts does seem very interesting.

Today, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo had this to say about Hurt’s role on the Eagles for the upcoming season.

– [ ] “Talking to one of (my) Eagles sources, who said ‘this guy might be able to contribute as a straight running back,’” Garafolo said. “’That’s how good we think he is. That’s what we think of his skill set.’ So, it’s going to be really interesting to watch how they utilize Hurts.”

Standing 6’1” weighing 222 Hurts is the ideal body type for what the Eagles are considering an athlete. He also ran a 4.51 forty yard dash, so he’s very quick as well. Make no mistake about it, the Eagles drafted Hurts to develop as a quarterback. However, with Carson Wentz the clear starter, they could use Hurts’ ability to their advantage.

So, let’s talk about it. The Eagles want to use Hurts in a “Taysom Hill” role this season, what’s that mean? For one, he’s a much better passer and player than Hill, he’s not going to be limited to just the roll he’s in. Hurts is going to be way more involved in the offense.

Mentioning that Hurts could be used as a running back does not really make sense, besides the fact he could line up there and throw the ball. With two quarterbacks on the field, you don’t know what’s going to happen. Despite the fact that Hurts ran for 20 touchdowns this past season, Hurts definitely proved he’s a thrower first. He self describes his ability to make plays as “freaky.” He does what he has to do to win and make plays for his team.

Obviously no one knows what’s really going to happen, however, it’s been estimated that Hurts will be on the field from anywhere between 15-20 snaps per game right now. He could be used in that Hill role, which would see Wentz possibly off the field for a series or two. This limits Wentz’s chances to get injured, which could be a legit concern for them. However, adding Hurts is more about adding a dynamic playmaker, it just so happens he’s an insurance policy as well.

And with Hurt is the mix, Wentz is going to have an opportunity to teach a quarterback for the first time, he’s the mentor now. Hurts’ job is to learn, develop and be there to push Wentz to new heights. Honestly, the more you think about it, it is a smart pick for the Eagles. Now the Eagles have a great backup, a great teammate and a player who’s going to have an impact this year for the Eagles.

Try not to keep attaching the second round pick to Hurts. After the Eagles took him, they traded for a wide receiver and took two others to go with Jalen Reagor in the first round. The offense is ready to go and Hurts is ready to develop and contribute.

Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

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