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4 potential prospects to fill the Eagles’ needs

14 April 2020 DRAFT

It is April, everyone is still sheltered in (or should be anyway) and the NFL Draft is FINALLY in the distance. As it nears and all the “interest” information starts to come out it has been hard to try and nail down what the Eagles could look to do. Instead of forcing myself to try and guess what they could do or say what I think they should do, instead I wanted to look at the positions that I think are the biggest needs for the Eagles and one or two plays that I would love to see in midnight green.

Wide Receiver

Wide receiver is a position that needs to be addressed at some point in this draft. As we all know, the group was decimated by injuries, held back by potentially lackluster coaching and a disappointing rookie campaign by someone who will remain nameless. DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffrey are at or over thirty coming off injuries and the former might have bad mouthed his quarterback and was rumored to be on the trade block last season.

“My guy(s)” 

WR Jalen Reagor, TCU- If you follow me on twitter I have been pretty vocal that I really like Reagor. His combination of skills and upside would be a great addition to the team. He can play outside, inside, take hand offs and return kicks. He could come in work on his concentration drops that are constantly held against him and be a weapon within the offense


I want to be clear I am not the biggest supporter of linebackers and their value in today’s defenses but looking at the Eagles roster I think they have tipped the scales too far to that end. Having players like Nate Gerry, TJ Edwards, Duke Riley, Jatavis Brown  and Alex Singleton would be alright if there was at least one quality starter in front of them. As of now I see a group of special teams players and back ups who they hope can be serviceable behind a strong defensive line. Though the group is mediocre at best I still cannot see them taking one in the first round. I can see it in the second round much like they did with running back last year and the likelihood goes up in rounds three and four of course.

“My guy”

LB Logan Wilson, Wyoming- This is another player who if you have been following me you will know I have been high on. He is good in coverage due to his background playing defensive back but he is no slouch in the run game showing good instincts to read and react, ability to get off or work around blocks and sound tackling. If I was running the draft I would probably take him at 53 seeing as I do not believe he will be available at pick 103. Most analysts have him picked as a 3rd rounder due to all of the skills, good athletic profile and intangibles he brings.


I did not consider this as much of a need until I did some thinking and realized that the eagles are a Kelce retirement away from being down to only right guard and right tackle as the only two spots that are solidified in front of Carson. Seumalo seems to be working fine at left guard but his erratic snaps make me nervous when thinking about trying to slide him to center. That might be just a comfortability thing that could come with repetition but that is purely projection at this moment. Either way I think it is something that they should look to address to ensure they are prepared for Kelce’s departure.

“My guys”

I do not feel confident enough in my understanding of offensive line play to watch them and say “wow i love this guy.” Instead I did some research on a few players who I think would fit and would be on board with drafting. First is Cesar Ruiz, IOL from Michigan. From what i have gathered,  he is an athletic player with guard/center versatility, which we know is important to the Eagles. Ruiz also seems to have that nasty demeanor you hope every offensive lineman has while being smart and patient enough when identifying and handling blitz pick ups. Another name to watch in the mid rounds is Washington C Nick Harris. Harris checks the athletic profile the Eagles like while having the skills to match. It seems he is able to win in leverage and lateral movements. Though pretty much a center only he could be a solid replacement if Seumalo sticks at guard.


Yes they just signed three safeties but two are on one year deals (Will Parks and Jalen Mills) and one is 30 (Rodney McCleod). There is no guarantee that both Parks and Mills will be signed to longer term deals. Why not draft a player with the ability to contribute effectively year 2 lessening the pressure to resign both players.

“My guys”

Ashtyn Davis, CAL and K’Von Wallace Clemson- Both of these players are pretty different in terms of athleticism and usage in college. Davis was more of a deep safety who got some reps over the slot but with his athleticism (former track athlete), instincts and aggressiveness when tackling he would be the perfect fit as the eventual replacement for McCleod as the single high safety. Wallace was used a lot in the slot but saw reps in the box, as a blitzer and some reps deep. Having a player with a versatile skill set would fit right in to what the defensive back group looks like now and can ease the pressure if one of Parks or Mills leaves.

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