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Stay put, Trade up or Trade down: What should the Eagles do at 21?

11 April 2020 DRAFT

When it comes to the NFL Draft, Philadelphia Eagles fans are very undecided with how they want the Eagles to handle their first round pick. There’s three options, stay put, trade up or trade back. Usually there’s a consensus decision, however, this year offers the Eagles something different. What should the Eagles do?

Here’s a Twitter poll with some interesting findings regarding how the fans feel about the pick.

Not listed on this poll is trade down, however there were a few comments stating that’s what they’d want to do. But, this poll was shows 60% voted to trade up, with just 40% wanting to stay put.

Trading up allows the Eagles to make a move to grab one of the top wide receiver prospects and even jump a team like the Las Vegas Raiders at 19 to grab the best wide receiver left. Basically, they’re trading up to secure the player they want, they’re not going to put themselves in a situation where they’re taking who’s ever left.

That puts us in the stay put category. If they’re 100% confident their player will fall, obviously there’s no need to trade up. But, as the poll shows, many fans think the Eagles are going to have to trade up in order to make sure they get their guy.

An option not on the poll was trading back, it’s very likely the big three wide receivers (Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, and Henry Ruggs) won’t be on the board past pick 15. Trading down is an option for the Eagles if they’re just set on those three. However, with a lot of draft capital already, it doesn’t seem like that’d be on the table.

So, looking at it, to me, with a deep wide receiver class, the Eagles are in a good position to stay put and have a player like Jalen Reagor, Justin Jefferson and or evening KJ Hamler fall to them. That’s the most likely scenario they’ll have. If they want to make sure they get their guy, a small trade to move up a spot or two could happen. But, in terms of trading up a lot to grab one of the elite, it’s doesn’t seem likely in my opinion.

This will all play out in less then two weeks. Last season, we saw the Eagles trade up and take an offensive tackle. Anything can happen. It’s going to be a fun one.

Photo Credit: Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

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