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Eagles bring back Jalen Mills on a 1 year, $5 million deal and a move to safety is in the cards

17 March 2020 Eagles News

That’s so much to breakdown in this recent move, let’s get to it.

The Philadelphia Eagles intend to resign cornerback Jalen Mills on a one year deal. And, supposedly, they plan to move him to safety.

The deal is officially a one year deal worth $5 million. It’s a prove yourself at safety type of deal.

Mills has gotten a lot of stick from fans, but last year he did a solid job after he returned from an injury that kept him off the field for over a year.

You know what you get with him at cornerback. He’s good when he keeps the play in front of him. However, he’s susceptible to the deep ball. That’s where this move to safety becomes interesting.

For one, it means the Eagles have an even bigger need at cornerback. Mills wasn’t the best cornerback, but he wasn’t the worst. Now, they’re going to need to add at least two quality cornerbacks.

Now, with him moving to safety, what’s that mean for Malcom Jenkins, who’s still under contract but refuses to play under his current contract. Is Mills he’s eventual replacement?

Giving him one year to see how he turns out is what it seems like this deal is. He needs to prove himself and safety definitely suits his play style. He’s going to need to become a bit of a better tackler, however, without having to worry about cornerback technique, it could be easier to adapt.

Hopefully, this is the move that helps rejuvenate Mills’ career. It could also be an important, roster changing move for the Eagles. If Mills is a good safety, their safety position just got a lot younger.

Photo Credit: James Lang/USA Today Sports

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