Eagles Free Agency and Mock Draft 1.0

3 March 2020 Eagles News

FA Signings


CB Byron Jones

Jones is the most coveted corner on the market and for good reason. He’s 28 years old, has proved to be durable and this past year played his best football yet. He’s a scheme fit and he’s played in a coverage scheme that employed a good amount of cover 3 and man coverage. Not only that, but he has a little room to grow as he gets even more comfortable playing corner full time.The Eagles have been rumored to be all in on him and in this scenario they snag their top corner to lock down one of the open outside corner positions for a few years. 


LB Nick Kwiatoski 

No this is not Schoebert, Littleton or Martinez, but it is at very least a small improvement of what the Eagles currently have on roster. Everyone knows they don’t value the position and they just cut a LB who was scheduled to make 8 million dollars. I’m not good at predicting market value, but I will assume that Kwiatkoski’s value will be somewhere between 6-8 million dollars per year. Howie gets aggressive and lands a young LB who has the potential to grow to become a good starter and a core player on the team. This is important as Howie referenced the 2016 in particular talking about how he needed to attack free agency in a similar fashion. This was of course the year he signed Brooks and McCleod. 


SAF  HaHa Clinton-Dix 

In 2014, the Eagles reportedly had interest in taking Clinton-Dix. He went one pick earlier and the eagles traded back. Now twenty-seven, Clinton-Dix, would be on his 4th team and never really finding his footing in the past. He’s been solid to good in coverage, but very inconsistent when it comes to tackling. This could be a signing in hopes that he can sure up the coverage over top and become a more consistent tackler.


WR Rashard Higgins

Before anyone shouts at me yes I know he is not the speed demon we were all hoping for but don’t worry that will come. Higgins provides an upgrade to the slot WR role left vacant by the departure of Nelson Agholor. Higgins has a solid pair of hands attached to his wrists which is again a far cry from what we’ve had and he’s a pretty good route runner




Round 1 pick 21- WR Denzel Mims, Baylor 6’3 207

Howie admitted he needed to adjust how they evaluated the WR position and what they prioritized I have him swinging in the complete opposite direction. Mims checks height, weight and speed boxes. He had a good showing at the Senior Bowl dominating at the catch point and even showed some improvements in realeasing and stacking against press coverage. While he still needs some improving the ceiling and athletic ability is too high to ignore this time.


2nd round pick 53- DT Jordan Elliott, Missouri, 6’4 302

The eagles philosophy has been to fortify the trenches especially on defense as it is the highest priority in Schwartz defense. In Elliott, the eagles get a defensive tackle with good hand fighting ability, good lateral quickness with the ability to shoot or stand his ground in gaps. He could prove to be a good DT3 his rookie year and move into a starting role year 2.


3rd round pick 85-  SAF K’Von Wallace, Clemson, 5’11 206

In round 3 the eagles choose K’Von Wallace to help further sire up that back end. Wallace brings versatility as the position he played at Clemson had him moving all around the field including being a deep safety, slot corner and in the box. In Wallace they get a player with good instincts to jump routes from deep zones and the ability to play man coverage. He’ll need to improve his ability to fill the alley and make 1 on 1 tackles. 

3rd Round comp pick- CB Michael Ojemudia, Iowa
Ojemudia is good and zone coverage, has good read and react skills and is a solid tackler.


4th round pick 117- IOL Calvin Throckmorton, Oregon 6’5 317

Eagles covet versatility along the offensive line and Throckmorton is exactly that. His senior year he started games at right tackle and center. In 2018 he started at right and left tackle and one a piece at center and guard. While in 2017 he started games at right tackle and right guard. He can be the eagles new swingle tackle or swing offensive lineman for that matter, adding need depth with the expected departure of Big V.


4th round comp pick- Edge Jason Strowbridge
Strowbridge has inside/outside versatility and shows good bend and power in his hands


4th rd comp pick- WR KJ Hill Ohio State
KJ Hill is primarily a slot WR but runs good routes and sure hands. He met with the eagles at the combine so there is potential interest there already.


5th round pick 148- WR Tyrie Cleveland, Florida 6’2 209

Cleveland is a developmental wide receiver with the ability to challenge defenses in the deep portions of the field. He may also prove to be a player that can contribute on special teams.


5th round pick 150- LB Logan Wilson, Wyoming 6’2 241

3 year captain which means he’s got the intangibles the eagles look for. Former defensive back has played at linebacker showing good instincts and lateral quickness in the run game and be effective in the pass game. With room to improve in shedding blocks Wilson could grow to be a 3 down LB for the Eagles. 


6 round pick 170- QB Kelly Bryant, Missouri 6’3 229

They take another swing at finding a developmental QB who may be able to solidify the back up QB spot. Checks the boxes of size, athleticism and strong arm. Hopefully with tutelage he can pan out unlike last years 5th round QB. 


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