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Draft Profile: Lenoir-Ryne Safety Kyle Dugger

11 February 2020 DRAFT

Kyle Dugger 2020 NFL Draft Profile

Measureables: 6’2″ 200 LBs

Kyle Dugger is one of the best defensive players you have never heard of. He was a myth because of the hype surrounding him, but the level of play was having scouts question his value. He burst on the scene at the Senior Bowl and really played lights out against top competition. He is a beast of an athlete and is just relentless to the ball. And boy can he hit. You feel like you have to check someone’s pulse on some of the hits he delivers. His ball skills are tremendous and he is a phenomenal return man as well. Imagine a young Marshawn Lynch playing safety but with all of the coverage skills. He is an intriguing prospect and teams can’t wait to evaluate him in the coming weeks.

Career Stats

237 total tackles, 10 INTs, 36 Pass Deflections, 6 Forced Fumbles, and 6 TDs as a punt returner



  • Size and range;
  • ball skills;
  • aggressiveness and hitting ability;
  • playmaker and relentless effort;
  • pure tackler;
  • flies down the line;
  • versatile


  • Level of competition;
  • needs to be more aggressive in his backpedal at times;
  • very raw in areas but his effort and athleticism are that good to overcome any issues

NFL Comparison: Kam Chancellor

Projection: 4th round to 5th round

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