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Draft Profile: Alabama WR Henry Ruggs III

22 January 2020 DRAFT

Henry Ruggs III 2020 NFL Draft Profile

Measureables: 6′ 190 LBs

Henry Ruggs III is already the fastest player in the NFL… on top of that, he refuses to fail. Inspired by his late best friend who tragically passed after car accident that occurred on a day where Ruggs only missed that car ride because he was sick. Ruggs and Ron Scott were like brothers and dominated the basketball court together. It wasn’t until his senior year of high school when Ruggs stepped onto the football field. By his fifth game, he had received an offer to play in college. By years end, he had 21+ offers. Ruggs is a three year player and two year starter at the Univerity of Alabama. We all know he is fast and can make electric plays, but what’s set him apart is his heart. The kid competes. You have to understand that he is “undersized” but he is a willing blocker and can make high point catches. He would regularly house call screen passes or quick slants/in cut routes. The fear is that he struggles in press coverage at times; however, if he bulks up or just drills heavily in his hand skills, the sky is the limit. Ruggs body and mind are so in sync. He knows where he wants to go and his body follows. He regularly fakes out defenders with his eyes and hips then is gone. He won’t be a volume guy and that is ok because he only needs one play to make it a great day. Ruggs is just uncontained raw talent and that has gotten him by so far. With the right vet/coach, he has the ability to be one of the best game breaking players in the league. Tune into the NFL Combine because the 40 yard dash might have a new record holder.

Career Stats via, ESPN

40 746 18.6 7 81 2 75 37.5 1 75 0 0
46 741 16.1 11 57 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0
12 229 19.1 6 60 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0

Best  Film:

2019 vs South Carolina 6-122-1

2018 vs Texas A&M 3-68-1



  • Lightning;
  • house call from anywhere on the field;
  • soft and reliable;
  • versatile;
  • route tree is good;
  • demands a safety overtop or they’ll regret it;
  • willing blocker;
  • tough as they come;
  • head and body fakes are tremendous;
  • high character and motivated;
  • comes from a program with an awesome track record of WRs


  • Release vs press;
  • strength;
  • had 3-4 NFL caliber receivers next to him at all times so can he handle the attention by defenses?;
  • contested catches are possible but not strong suit

NFL Comparison: Tyreek Hill, DeSean Jackson, Willie Gault

Projection: Top… 21 pick, most likely top 12 after his 40

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