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EaglesTwitter reviews the season: Consensus says the resilient Eagles did us proud

6 January 2020 Uncategorized

Yesterday’s loss left a bitter taste in our mouths and that’s no way to end a season. But, for the Philadelphia Eagles, they went out fighting and with the circumstances they underwent, that’s all we could have asked.

What powers them in those hard moments? The fans. To find out what the fans thought about the Eagles loss and the season as a whole, I took to Twitter. Here’s some of the best responses.

Just eight snaps into his playoff debut, Carson Wentz left the game due to his concussion. The debate on the hit being dirty is one thing, however, there’s no debate, Wentz can’t absorb those hits. For those saying he’s injury, please leave the conversation. It’s tough to lose him in that way, but the team had no choice but to fight on.

As you can see, the common theme from the loss and the season as whole was how enjoyable it was to watch this group overcome so many obstacles. They’re a resilient group of men who left everything they had on the field.

When the team lost to the Miami Dolphins in week 13, they could’ve fell over and yielded the NFC East over to the Dallas Cowboys. But, with their backs against the wall and practice squad reinforcements, they got the job done. At the end of the day, that’s definitely something to be proud of.

This brings us now to the question, what’s next?

This offseason is going to be an important one for the Eagles. As you can see, they’re almost there again. With a practice squad offense led by Wentz, they went to the playoffs. Getting Wentz another weapons is going to be crucial.

But, the big thing going forward is avoiding the injury bug. No matter how good your roster looks, you cannot win if every game you’re losing key contributors. Eventually it’s just not stable and it’ll catch up to you.

When it’s all said and done, the Eagles had a tough time stay healthy and they hurt them in the end. And, sometimes it goes like that. If Wentz doesn’t take the hit yesterday, the conversation could be different today, but nonetheless, the Eagles still were about 10 deep on starters being injured.

It was a great season in terms of everything they overcome, even off the field with all those dramatic reports. The Eagles will be back and better than ever next season, mark my words.

Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

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