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The Eagles fought hard until the very end, fall to Seahawks 17-9

5 January 2020 Uncategorized

  The Philadelphia Eagles fell to the Seattle Seahawks in the wild card round of the playoffs 17-9. Oddly enough, that was the same score line when these teams first meet this season. However, looking back at today’s game, the Eagles have every right to think they were robbed.

Early, just eight snaps into the game, Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was hit in the head by defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. This hit took him out of the game, on went backup quarterback Josh McCown.

With McCown at quarterback, the offense had some success, they just couldn’t find the end zone. McCown completed 18/24 passes for 173 yards. His go to target was tight end Dallas Goedert who caught seven passes for 73 yards.

Running back Miles Sanders ran for 69 yards on 14 carries. He was effective when used, however, it didn’t get used as much as the Eagles would have liked.

The defense fought hard all game, even with the Seahawks making a few big plays, the defense held them to just 17 points. They did their job, a turnover would have been nice, but they held their own.

McCown and the whole team fought until the very end. However, their efforts ended up not being enough. Like they had overcome all season, this time around, the injuries got the best of them.

The best part about this team all season was their ability to overcome. We can all walk away thinking of how proud this team made us all. They battled on and off the field, no one wanted to see them win.

Today’s game was a perfect conclusion to their season just because everything that has built up to came back to bite them. It’s all okay though because the Eagles just couldn’t withstand anymore injuries going forward. Winning the division was a very good achievement for this team this season taking everything into account.

The players need to hold their head up high, sometimes it’s just not meant to be. But, leaving everything on the field and never quitting is the testament to a team who’s built correctly and fit to be a contender for years to come.

Photo Credit: Steven Ryan/Getty Images

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