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December 22, 2019: The Day Dallas Died and the Ginger Jesus Would Rise

26 December 2019 Opinion

We told you Cowboys fans.

Don’t let us win.

Don’t let a beaten and broken 7-7 Philadelphia Eagles team beat you and your precious team.

You had your puppets in Max Kellerman and Skip Bayless chirp all week and all year only for them to burn in effigy from a barrage of verbal attacks from their peers on national TV. Even without 40% of our week 1 roster hurt and losing Ertz, Darby, and Mills throughout the game, you still could not beat us.

America’s Team?

Maybe your America, because in our America, we don’t represent mediocrity and we’re feared because of our strengths, not our weakness. Weaknesses like your QB, your arguments, and your integrity. Hoping and wishing that Wentz gets hurt all year. If you think he’s so bad, then why do you want him to get injured? It’s lame. It’s lame like you, your little star on your crappy teams gear, and your attempt to make a “Philly” cheese steak down there with your rolls that taste like church bread.

So Dallas, have fun being mediocre. Have fun being a joke. The team that “sucks” and has the “trash” quarterback just beat you when you were at full strength and were favored in an away game. I hope your Christmas or whatever weird holidays you celebrate down there were better than your teams performance and we do thank you for making this holiday season oh so much sweeter.

There was no need to waste holy water at Christmas mass, Father Carson had a bowl of your tears ready for all of Philly. Thank you for contributing something positive in 2020, because nothing else you do or says helps. You suck, your team sucks, and your Christmas hopefully sucks. Fly Eagles Fly and let big blue die.

But most importantly… Hello fair weather Eagles fans and Carson Wentz haters. You’re worst than them. You’re worst than Dallas fans.

I told you fair weather fans to stay on your donkeys and not try to hijack and jump back on the wagon. It’s too late for all of that. This wagon is now a train. This train is running red hot and it’s not sure where the heck it’s going but whatever is in its way is getting pushed aside.



But we wouldn’t have it any other way. We thrive in the heat. Pressure creates diamonds and that’s how we put those Super Bowl rings on our fingers in 2017 and they’re loaded with diamonds. Unlike Agh…Dallas, we aren’t soft. That’s why we love this team. When their backs are against the wall, they always fight. Some “fans” can’t take the heat though. I heard it all this offseason and especially during the season.

“Trade Wentz” “Doug is on the hot seat” “Malcolm Jenkins sucks” “Fletcher Cox was a waste of money””Miles Sanders can’t hold onto the ball” “Bring back Foles” “I want our team to be like the 49ers” “Your boy Wentz can’t throw  spiral” “Let’s tank for picks” “Let’s trade for AJ Green” “My wife left me” “Nelson Agholor can’t c… (ok you can have that one)”

You get the gist.

If I were your wife, I’d leave you too because your fandom and your attitude sucks, and you probably suck too.

I love it and I love this team. But good lord did they test us all this season. They can never make it easy, but that’s ok because life’s not easy. To quote Rocky, “life’s not all sunshine and rainbows.” You have to be tough. You have to look the devil and adversity in the eye and say, “not today” and press on. That’s Philly. We wake up and expect to go through the ringer. But we do it with our chin up and eyes forward.


Hit Dunkin’ or Wawa and watch a highlight of JoJo slamming on the Bucks, Wentz dropping gifts to Greg Ward Jr., Bryce Harper hitting Grand Slams in the bottom of the 9th, or Carter Hart breaking some players heart and goal scoring streak. This city is tough and that’s why we win.

They say God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. I guess Philadelphia and all of its sons and daughters are the chosen people because damn it’s hard to be a fan here.

But know this. True fans know that are all of the trials and tribulations are worth it when we get that Victory Monday. Unlike other fan bases, we don’t just go on vacations and spend money on useless crap, we take a vacation every Sunday to Lincoln Financial Field and show off all of our Birds gear Santa left us.

It’s all we have. But you know what? It’s enough. Like this team, it’s all we got and it’s all we need. We lean on the people who have had our backs from the jump.

This team has dealt with it ALL this season. Injuries, snakes in the locker room, poor play, poor coaching, etc. But you know what, we found a way. We found a way to fight and claw our way to an opportunity to get into the playoffs come Sunday.

Wentz finally has “his guys” and is showing us and the rest of the league how great he is and this is only the beginning. He is leading this team and all 52 other guys are following him and will continue to do so. What is already known doesn’t need to be explained because we no longer have to defend 11, he’s doing it himself.

It all comes down to week 17 against the Giants people. Win and you are in. It’s that simple. And I am telling you this now Eagles fans, when we get in, we’re going to be the hottest team in the NFL. I guarantee you that Seattle will get punched in the face at the Linc in the first round and we’ll march to San Fran  on a 6 game win streak and with a little help coming back… DeSean Jackson.

So to the “Wentz sucks”, “Eagles need to tank”, and “Dallas is going to kill us” crowd. Thank you. Thank you for showing yourselves so we can cut you out of our circle just like the Eagles cut out Orlando Scandrick and the rest of the dead weight on this team. We know who you are and we know what you are made of.

To our beloved Philadelphia Eagles, you know what to do. It’s you verse a rival for the division crown and a ticket to the dance. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to stop dancing yet. So let’s kick the last breath out of Daniel Jones and his group of sorry excuses for players and send them back to their boat so they can take more pictures and keep being mediocre. Let’s bring it home and let’s host a playoff game in the Linc next week. It’s do or die and as always, it’s Fly Eagles Fly!

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