Dallas Sucks: Date with destiny in the Linc

17 December 2019 Opinion

In the words of Eagles great Brian Dawkins, “the time has come, the time has come.”

There is no tomorrow. There is no next one. There are no do overs. There are no excuses.

The enemies are at the front lines and it is not only up the 53 men in green and coaches, but it is up to all 69,000 fans in the Linc to bring the energy every second. This is our house. The last time we played Dallas at home for the division we embarrassed them 44-6. as I previously wrote in my past article, 1020 Pattison Avenue, that was my first Eagles game.

That was the day I saw real life magic.

That was the day I fell in love with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here is what I know. We have been through it this season. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But the real fans have stuck together and so has this team. Now, we have a date with destiny and control the fate of our season.

For all the anger and angst experienced from this season, it will all be forgiven and forgotten with a win over those clowns in blue.

Clowns would be a compliment. Those fans are a cancer to this beautiful game. They have no morals and they have no backbone. They hide behind their phones all year and search “Dak” and “Wentz” and start trolling. If you weren’t born before 1996, do not claim those Super Bowls. You must buy a VHS player on EBAY or from a pawn shop to watch the “glory days.”

America’s Team?

Only people as self-centered and egotistic as yourselves would name your self America’s Team. Especially when most of America hates you and your team.

Unlike your fans, we sat in our stadium through the worst years in our franchise.

Unlike your players, ours are winning playoff games while being philanthropists and humanitarians; not getting arrested every other week.

Unlike your coach, ours does more than clap all game and ask Uncle Jerry for his allowance for babysitting.

So have your little Twitter debates and your little moral victories.

But come Sunday, you’re in Philly. Your disrespect has consequences. Don’t expect to drag mud into our house and for us to not clean it up with those outdated white jerseys with the two stars on each shoulder that represent the two playoff wins you’ve had since 1996.

We are making no excuses Sunday. Our 11 verse your 11. Greg Ward had more yards and catches than Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and Randall Cobb combined. No more stats because anyone who watches Dak knows he gets all his stats in garbage time.

So Eagles fans, throw on your Sunday green, light up the grills, crack open some brews, and if you smell a foul odor, it’s not the porta-potties, it’s Goofy 1 and Goofy 2 in their Dak and Zeke jersey shirts from Pennsyltucky, PA who have been Cowboys fans since January 28, 1996. It’s lights, camera, mute Joe Buck if you’re watching on tv on Sunday. Let’s take this division folks.

Wentz. Howard. Sanders. Scott. Ertz. Goedert. Perkins. Ward. JJ. Davis. Peters. Seumalo. Kelce. Brooks. Vitai.

Graham. Jernigan. Cox. Barnett. Sweat. Bradham. Kamu. Gerry. Mills. Darby. Douglas. Maddox. McLeod. Jenkins.

We All We Got. We All We Need. Home Under Dogs Again.

As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!

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