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Eagles Twitter Reacts to the Eagles comeback win vs. Giants

10 December 2019 Uncategorized

Last night’s game was a rollercoaster from an Eagles perspective. The Philadelphia Eagles we’re down 17-3 and came back to win 23-17 in overtime. After a dreadful first half, we saw the Eagles turn things around and play with passion.

To learn what this game put the fans through, we turn to Twitter to get the best takes. Here are some of them.

Carson Wentz pulled off one on the New York Giants last night. With a depleted offense mixed with practice squad players, Wentz led the Eagles on two touchdown drives to tie and win the game. He finished the game with 325 yards and two touchdowns, but more importantly, he showed us all his grit and leadership. It was great to see.

This game had everything, it was a full ride. If you weren’t buckled in, it would have been hard to stay put. The Eagles tend to make things harder for themselves and that was the case last night.

JJ Arcega-Whiteside had a big moment in this game. His catch was not only the best this season, it was hopefully a career changing play for him. The game is mental and now that he knows he can go out and make plays, the game will come to him much easier.

And, to close this article out.

This Eagles team has looked great at some points and terrible at others. It’s week 15 now and we still don’t know what this team is. One day they’re on our bad side, the other day they sucker us right in. It’s been a crazy season, but the crazy ones are always the best.

Photo Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

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