Get Off the Fence: Carson Wentz is our Franchise QB

22 November 2019 Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles fan’s, this week and this season has been a doozy. Every day there is something new that leaves you scratching your head. You can call this season a corny reality tv show or a soap opera but call your therapist because a few fans and even some players need to make an appointment as well. There is just a cloud of negativity and bad juju all around. More importantly, there are a lot of overreactions and bizarre takes all over the place. I am here to be the voice of reason. I hope after reading this you feel a little better and can enjoy the rest of your Friday.

First off, let’s start with the bad. The bad is that we honestly had a C- offseason and have had an even worse in-season as far as moves and adjustments. Let’s review:

DeSean- 1 game then IR, Sproles- little to no production then IR, Peters- inconsistent play and often injured, LJ Fort- Cut then goes off for Baltimore and receives a big deal, Zach Brown- Yikes, Nelson Agholor-…, Andrew Sandejo- Nearly paralyzed Maddox but thanks for a 4th round pick, Malik Jackson- IR, Jernigan- Injured early but has been great when healthy. I could go on with the bad but here’s the good: Dillard- ?, Sanders- ?, Howard-?, TJ Edwards-?

So, here is the issue, since week 2, we have known that DeSean and Alshon were banged up and what have we done? We have signed Jordan Matthews… in week 11, feature Agholor knowing that he’s never done well as a WR1, limited JJ’s playing time, and hoped Mack Hollins keeps aligning right. Meanwhile, teams who are not even in the hunt are making moves for WRs and Josh Gordon ends up on Seattle who jokingly put in a wavier claim for him because they didn’t think he’d drop to them.

We are currently ranked 23rd regarding offensive production. We average 23 points were game whereas in 2017, we were averaging close to 30. And yes, to the Folesian Society, that 30 points per game was with Carson Wentz under center. There is definitely an identity crisis going on with the Eagles offense. We thought that Doug finally accepted the fact that we have become a run first offense with the weapons on hand then we had Carson throw 40 passes to Nelson, JJ, and Hollins against the number 1 defense. Oof.

Once you regain consciousness and I am hoping you didn’t break your phone or laptop while reading the previous section, I will now lead you to the good.

Here is the good:

  • We have a great offensive line when healthy and they’re signed for the long haul
  • We have a head coach who understands our players and has proven that he will be aggressive
  • We have a defense that has went from the laughingstock of the league to a brick wall and it is all in house talent minus Avery who was acquired at the deadline
  • We can and should still win our division
  • And most importantly, WE HAVE OUR QUARTERBACK.

There are 32 teams in the NFL. Each team’s main priority is to secure a QB1. This year we have seen several new or cast away faces in the league. Ryan Finley, Dwayne Haskins, Jeff Driskel, Kyle Allen, Matt Schaub, Teddy Bridgewater, Colt McCoy, Matt Moore, Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, Josh Rosen, Luke Falk, and David Fales. Eagles fans don’t be ungrateful. Don’t forget that we are only years removed from Mark Sanchez as our QB1. We have been spoiled. It is easy to lose sight on the bigger picture at times, but it is absolutely ridiculous that people are suggesting trading Wentz or that he is not the future. Here is a reminder of who Carson is and what he is:

  • Carson Wentz is only in his 4th season and has played 50 total games and already has a Super Bowl ring. “But he didn’t play?!” Oh, I am sorry. I forgot we magically started 11-2 and were the number one offense in the league
  • Among all QBs in the HISTORY of the NFL, he is 9th in TD Passes, 9th in passing yards, 12th in accuracy, 2nd in completions, 3rd in interception %, and has the 4th highest passing rating (via Reuben Frank)
  • Currently tied with Russell Wilson with a league leading 14 straight games with a passing touchdown (even with WRs who are among the league’s worst in drops)

Is Carson Wentz playing lights out? No. Is he missing throws and reads? Yes. But these are all symptoms of an issue that is not rooted from him or his talent. Here is a list of receivers he has had at his disposal since entering the league in 2016:

  • Dorial Green-Beckham: out of the league
  • Jordan Matthews: on and off the team twice
  • Josh Huff: out of the league
  • Chris Givens: out of the league
  • Nelson Agholor:
  • Paul Turner: out of the league
  • Hunter Sharp: out of the league
  • Torrey Smith: inconsistent and out of the league
  • Mack Hollins: special teams
  • Shelton Gibson: out of the league
  • Alshon Jeffrey: often injured and drops have increased since 2017
  • Marcus Johnson: 4/5 on teams
  • Mike Wallace: out of the league
  • JJ Arcega-Whiteside: rookie who can’t find the field

But yes, let’s keep blaming Wentz. I get it, he has had off plays and even off games, but the line has been banged up, his RBs have been banged up, his WRs are useless, and his TEs have been double covered or have dropped touchdowns. I refuse to give him most of the blame like many of you are until I see him given a consistent healthy line and reliable weapons. That is what he had in 2017 and he was on the track to be the league MVP and set franchise records even though he missed several games. The Wentz Hater’s and fair-weather fans would have given up on Brady and Brees because through 4 years, Carson is blowing those guys out of the water. So, relax. If you want Foles, go root for Jacksonville. The Wentz is injured too often argument is over. Foles has played 2 games this year and has missed a lot of time throughout his career.

Carson is our QB and we are lucky to have him. If you think Wentz is so bad, listen to this. If Howie Roseman got on the phone and said Carson is on the trade block, all 31 other teams would answer and at least have a conversation. The best players and coaches in the league praise Carson and anyone who has a set of eyes and an ounce of common sense realizes that he is not in a position to succeed. We basically have a brand-new yacht and are asking it to sail across the desert. Get the point? It has been rough, I get that, but we also know that Carson can get it done. With a healthy and even half decent skill group, Carson would be in the MVP discussion. 3 dropped touchdown passes are the difference 5-5 and 8-2. There is no guarantee that this year ends in smiles but as real fans, you must keep the faith, no matter how difficult that may be. Things will get better. Hopefully sooner than later but Carson is the guy, trust him. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!