Eagles’ playoff chances seem brighter after bye week

11 November 2019 Opinion Philadelphia Eagles

With the Cowboys, Rams and Panthers all losing this week, the Eagles’ playoff chances seem to be promising after their Week 10 bye, as they sit at a 5-4.

Should we as Eagles’ fans view their mid-season record as disappointing or promising? After yesterday, it seems to be a good mixture of both. Nevertheless, the situation that stands in front of them can potentially lead this team to their second NFC East division title in three years.

How you ask? Let’s examine why.

Currently, they are tied with the Cowboys atop the  NFC East. Dallas has the tiebreaker after their blowout victory against the Birds a few weeks ago, but the Eagles host them Week 16 at the Linc, potentially for the division crown in a winner-take-all game.

Dallas has a tougher road than the Eagles the rest of the way, as they play in Detroit, New England and Chicago and Philly, and host Buffalo, the Rams and Redskins. The Eagles will host the Patriots, Seahawks and Dallas again, and will be on the road against the Giants, Redskins and Dolphins.

As for their wild-card chances, they are tied  with the Rams (5-4) at 1.5 games behind the Vikings (7-3) for the last wild-card spot, and sit two games back of the fifth-seeded Seahawks (7-2), with whom they play on Sunday Night Football in Week 12.

The Vikings play at the Chargers and in Seattle, and host Denver, Detroit, Green Bay and Chicago.

Seattle plays in San Francisco tonight, at the Linc in two weeks, at the Rams and in Chicago, and host the Vikings and Niners.

The Rams host the Bears, the Ravens, Seattle and the Cardinals, while playing in Arizona, Dallas and San Francisco.

Carolina (5-4) hosts Atlanta, Washington, Seattle and the Saints. while traveling to New Orleans,  Atlanta and Indianapolis.

It is never good to assume, but it seems as though the Eagles have the easiest road to the playoffs of these contending teams, and if they take care of business at home in the division, they could potentially land the three-seed. Beating Dallas at home will be the game of the season, and could very well knock the loser completely out of the playoff picture.

As ugly as the losses were to the Vikings and Cowboys, the Eagles could very likely win the NFC East at 11-5 or even 10-6, something that may have not seemed possible after that terrible defeat in Arlington.

As coach Doug Pederson likes to say, the Eagles just need to go “1-0” every week and let the chips fall where they may,


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