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EaglesTwitter Takes: Here’s how everyone was feeling following the Eagles loss to Cowboys

21 October 2019 Uncategorized

Yesterday’s loss is still fresh in our minds, but right after it is when your emotions are high and the reactions are the purest. I took to Twitter to ask how everyone felt about the game. I’m going to share and break down some of the best below.

Firstly, great points are made here.

The Eagles had pretty much a whole week to prepare for the Dallas Cowboys. Yet, they look totally outmatched every week from a preparation standpoint. A slow start didn’t help, but overall the Eagles just didn’t look like they were prepared to take on the Cowboys.

Could this all be from a source greater than just lack of preparation. Is there a rift in the locker room? Our own Brenden Deeg brings up a great point here.

Something isn’t right with this team and it could be deeper than just X’s and O’s. Chemistry is a big thing in sports and through seven games, there’s zero chemistry on the field.

These anonymous reports have not been a good look for the team and it’s possible they could have had a bigger effect on the locker room then we first thought. Regardless, this isn’t a team right now, just a bunch of individuals.

I’ve said it before as well, this offense is slow and stagnant. The loss of wide receiver Desean Jackson to injury doesn’t help, however, he shouldn’t be the sole one responsible for bringing electricity to the offense. Without him, they’re just not good.

Like the above tweet points out, they’re very predictable and slow. Just not a good look for a team that should have a lot of weapons and a diverse attack.

This brings into question Doug Pederson’s play calling. This tweet below explains the issue there.

Last night, the Eagles had an opportunity to get back into the game and they got stopped on three straight running attempts the drive after scoring their lone touchdown. They were backed up, however, the Eagles moved the ball well before that drive, there was no reason to play conservative like that.

That could be an easy fix, however the defense is a different story. The last two weeks same them concede over 70 points. Something needs to change there and removing Jim Schwartz could be a help, however, fixing the defense is a bigger fix than we think.

If there’s one positive, it’s Carson Wentz and that’s it as this last tweet points out.

Having that building block is extremely important and it’s extremely hard to find. The Eagles are having a tough season, but with him at quarterback, building around him shouldn’t be too hard of a challenge, however, you never know.

Next time the Eagles are out on the field, they’re up against the 5-1 Buffalo Bills. Hopefully this time next week, the reactions are much more positive!



Photo Credit: Ron Jenkins/AP

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