Sunday Preview: Taking Out the Trash

18 October 2019 Opinion

This has been the oddest Eagles and Cowboys Rivalry weeks to date. We have been discussing Sunday’s s*%t show of a loss, losing out on Jalen Ramsey, locker room drama, and over analyzing Carson Wentz. Let’s cut to the chase. It’s DALLAS WEEK. We have the division lead and we can pull away even further with a win against Dakota Prescott and his groupies. The Vikings game is over, we lost. It sucks and we can go over 100 different issues and things we would like to change, but at the end of the day, we just did not get it done. Let me address some issues, then we’ll get things started/

The Eagles have been dealing with an identity crisis all season. Even in games that we won, we have not played lights out for 4 quarters. This is does not stem from one issue, it’s not an individual problem, it’s a team problem. It all starts from the offseason. I fell into the same trap that the majority did; I had faith in Howie and vets he brought back. A huge issue that has been looming is the amount of injuries we have suffered over the past 3 years. Yes, other teams encounter injuries; however, the Eagles have been plagued by injuries more than most the past 3 seasons. It certainly doesn’t help when you have an aging roster.

Some may think that we designed our offense around Wentz this offseason, but we designed it around DeSean Jackson. We were relying on the fact that DeSean completely changes the way our offense can run and how defenses will play us. That is a fact. However, it is also a fact that DeSean has only played in one game we still do no know when he’ll be back. Unfortunately, we also did not have a back up plan and have not adjusted since DeSean went down. If reinforcements are not coming, then you must adjust. We have two premier running backs and two tight ends who are a mismatch on most linebackers. Establish the run game and dominate the line of scrimmage and everything else will open after.

Another issue is our inability to hit on defensive backs and wide receivers in the draft. Since Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard, the Eagles truly have not drafted top tier corners. We have brought in talented guys but on most of them, we have whiffed. At receiver, we haven’t drafted anyone since Jordan Matthews (if you can count him) and he isn’t even on our team anymore. Agholor has had more downs than ups, but he had a great 2017 campaign and was crucial in the Super Bowl, but now he has fallen back into his old habits and is most likely walking this offseason. So, over the past decade, we basically have not found a wideout or corner talented enough to be a corner stone for this franchise. We need to address these issues in the offseason, but for now, it’s Dallas Week and it’s time to go down to jerry world and get our season back on track.

Enough of the analytics and logistics. I do not care who is playing or not playing on our team or their team Sunday. At 8:30 on Sunday night, it’s our best 11 vs their best 11 and it’s for everything. You win, you lead the division, take back the momentum, and hand Dallas their 4th straight loss. We hate them, they hate us. Throw the past matchups out of the window and make sure your windows and doors are locked because you don’t want the neighbor’s kids to hear what you will be screaming at your TV. 53 vs 53. Doug Pederson’s brain against Jason Garrett’s b… bizarre inability to stop clapping. I even think Garrett would clap at a funeral. Hey, we might find out if he would after we bury the Cowboys on their home turf. Remember, when you’re in Dallas, you are playing the Cowboys and the referee crew. Let’s not leave it in their hands. It’s time for people to step up or step out because this team needs to find the right 53 guys who deserve the right to wear midnight green. See you on the other side Eagles Fan’s. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!

Keys to Victory:

  1. Start FAST!!

For two years now, the Eagles have been stuck in the mud in the first half of almost every game

  1. Dominate the line of scrimmage and establish the run game

-In all 3 of the cowboys wins (against mediocre teams) the opposing team’s leading rusher had 17 or less carries; Aaron Jones just hung 4 TDs on them, RUN THE BALL!

  1. Move the offense around

-Allow Wentz to roll out, bring players in motion, and create separation by running rub routes

  1. Linebackers step up

We are playing a young group of linebackers on Sunday, so communication is key. Hopefully these guys know their responsibilities’ and try not to do too much


– All three of these kill drives and momentum

  1. Get to Dak and hit him all night

Dak was hit early and often last Sunday and loss to the Jets. Do not give him time to allow his receivers to run forever. Our corners are not special and no corner in the league can cover for 6 seconds or more in today’s NFL


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