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How the Eagles can dominate the Jets with their run game

4 October 2019 Uncategorized

Last Thursday, the Philadelphia Eagles took it to a good Green Bay Packers defense. Coming into Sunday, the New York Jets are offensively hurt, but defensively, they’re strong. However, there’s one thing the Eagles can do to hurt them.

For the first time all season, the Eagles were able to run the ball. It all started up front, the Eagles offensive line was amazing in the night. On that night, the Eagles ran for 176 yards.

Running backs Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders had a lot of success. Both having their best nights in an Eagles uniform. They carried the load for the team and because of their success, the offense was able to flourish.

Sanders had this to say following the game and what accounted for their success on the ground, “Doug’s plan was to just keep pounding the ball and that opened more stuff and when we needed to pass the ball, we were able to do it and we got first downs,” Sanders said. “Big thanks for the O-line. They played their ass off the whole game opening up holes for us.”

Pressure was taken off of quarterback Carson Wentz. They were constantly put in manageable third down spots. From an offensive stand point, it was a well executed game. When you can run the ball like that, the defense doesn’t play you nearly as tough. They never know what’s coming and they are always on their heels.

Bringing back to the Eagles’ running backs, they’re a group which has developed into a two headed monster. Between Howard and Sanders, they’ve been able to hit the opposing defenses with a bit of brute force and finesse.

The Jets run defense currently ranks 8th in the NFL, allowing 88.7 yards against per game. Although that statistic seems pretty good, the Jets haven’t faced an offensive line like the Eagles and a run game like the Eagles’.

Getting the run game going might just have been the thing that takes the Eagles over the top. The Jets will not be able to hang if their defense is neutralized. With the run game, the Eagles can do just that.

Photo Credit: NBC Sports

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