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Doug Pederson on slow starts: “It’s on me, not the execution it’s the plays”

16 September 2019 Uncategorized

One thing that’s hurt the Eagles in both their games this season is their slow starts. And, speaking to the media, head coach Doug Pederson took the blame.

In the last two games, the Eagles have only scored 13 points combined in the first half. That’s seven against the Washington Redskins and six against the Atlanta Falcons.

However, this problem has been going on for quite some time. Last season they had the 27th worst first half offense which only put up on average 9.2 points. Starting slow always puts the Eagles in a position where they have to throw to catch up and it significantly hurts their offense.

So, how do things change?

Pederson alluded to the play calling as the reason and you can understand why. The Eagles are constantly putting themselves in third and long situations where their against the odds. Their first down play calling isn’t putting them in good spots on second and third down.

Although the loses of DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery and Dallas Goedert last night hurt their play calling, it was still poor. Having first down success will be a key for the Eagles moving forward. The run game hasn’t been rumbling like it has the potential to, so that’s been a main problem for this problem.

Going into this Sunday’s matchup versus the Detroit Lions a fast start will be huge for the game and for this team. Once they get a groove, they could go on a run of a few games. Everyone benefits from a fast start so it needs to be corrected as this season goes on.


Photo Credit: Yong Kim/Philly Inquirer