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Sunday’s X-Factor: How DeSean Jackson can influence the Eagles offense vs. Redskins

5 September 2019 Uncategorized

 Football is back in fact tonight the first game of the season kicks off. The Eagles will be back this Sunday against the Washington Redskins. Starting off the season against a NFC rival is not the easiest, however for the Eagles they have a lot to be happy about. It’s a fresh start, their quarterback is healthy and they added a lot of weapons. There’s on weapon in particular to pay attention to this Sunday and that’s wide receiver DeSean Jackson. 

It’s going to be a bittersweet outing for Jackson who’s not only back in front of the Philadelphia fans for the first time since the Chip Kelly drama, but he’s playing against the team he went to after the Eagles moved on from him. 

With that being said, there’s going to be a lot on his mind and he’s going to be fired up. He’s going to want to show the fans he has a lot still left in the tank. And, he’s a player who loves playing against his former teams. Since leaving the Eagles, Jackson played them six times and averaged 95 yards in those games. He’s caught big touchdowns against them and made big plays. 

Bringing it back to this season he’s the clear deep threat on the Eagles. However, he’s also looked very dangerous in the red zone as well as the intermediate passing game. Giving Carson Wentz a wide receiver with this speed is going to benefit the Eagles in numerous ways. Obviously like forth noted he’s a threat, but he’s also going to open up the field for others.

The Redskins defense gave up 52 20+ passing plays last season and 9 40+ passing plays last season. Their passing defense was top ten worst in the league. Being on of the greatest deep threats and player with the most 60+ plays in the history of the league, a big play is bound to happen. We’ve seen Wentz connect on deep passes before, but now he has the king of the deep ball.

When Sunday comes around, Jackson is going to be the X factor. If he’s able to move the ball downfield and bait the Redskins into playing him differently, the Eagles offense will put up a ton of points. Everything isn’t won or loss in his play, but it’ll be made a lot easier if he’s a major part of their offense. Coming back to the Linc, he’s going to have success Sunday and he’s going to send a message to the league, he’s not going anywhere, he’s in Philly ready to make a run. 


Photo Credit: Jerry Habracken/The News Journal

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