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4 Days Until Kickoff

4 September 2019 Uncategorized

The countdown continues Eagles fans. In honor of 4 days until kickoff, let’s talk about the man who sent the kick heard around the world. Other than Pat McAfee and Adam Vinateri, not many kickers are appreciated. However, Jake Elliott became a Philadelphia Eagles legend forever after a miracle in week 3 of the 2017 season. After a disappointing week 2 loss in Arrow Head, the Eagles were home against the Giants in an NFC East battle in the Linc. The Eagles came out hot going up 14-0 at half. Unfortunately, Odell Beckham and company went off in the 4th quarter scoring 24 points. The Eagles clawed their way back to tie the game up with 47 seconds left with a 47 yard field goal by Jake Elliott. By some miracle, the Birds got the ball back and did not waste their opportunity. Carson launched a perfect down field out to Alshon to set up a 61 yard field goal attempt with 1 second left. In steps kick Jake Elliott to kick the biggest field goal in his life.

The stage is set. Carson and company stand on the side line watching and waiting as number 4 trots out onto the turf. Peter’s already gave Jake the death stare and Carson offered up his game check. Merrill and Mike stand impatiently in their booth as they know that this kick can certainly change the expectations for this entire season. Ben McAdoo stands idle with some left over biscuit stuck in that poor excuse of a mustache just hoping for a strong gust of wind even at the risk of it blowing off his toupee. Sorry Benjamin, the Football God’s are with Gang Green today. Jake does his routine set up, bows his head then gives Donnie Jones the signal. Lights, camera, ball game. Jake sends an absolute missile toward the right upright. No worries Cody, we’ll leave the double doinks to the expert. The ball sneaks in on the right upright. 27-24 Eagles.

Merrill and Mike go nuts. Pandemonium ensues in the Linc and for Eagles fan’s around the entire world. Carson and the entire team rush the field and make sure Jake is carried off like the hero he was. The 61 bomb was tied for the 7th-longest field goal in league history. Additionally, it was the longest since 2015, longest in franchise history, and the longest by a rookie in NFL history. Most importantly, that kick was the match that lit the fuse that sent the Birds to 8 straight wins and eventually a Super Bowl.

Momentum is one of the most overlooked aspects in football, let alone in general. Life throws low blows at you more often then not; however, sometimes life slows down for us. In 2017, football life slowed down the Eagles. Carson was having his way with opponent defenses. A rookie kicker was making clutch kick after clutch kick. I even overlook the fact that Doug allowed Jake to kick a 46-yard field goal in the Super Bowl in a 5-point game. If Jake missed, the Pats would have had incredible field position and a chance to win the game. But Kid Clutch came up big again and allowed the Eagles to hang 41 on Tom Brady and the Patriots thus ending their aspirations for back-to-back Lombardi’s again.

Now in year 3, Jake is ready to step up big again in 2019. Jake will keep rising to the occasion and wearing that number 4 in midnight green with pride. On my Mount Rushmore of Kicker’s it’s McAfee, Vinateri, Akers, and Elliott. Someone has to get the party started Sunday, and it might as well be with the foot of Jake Elliott as the sends the ball and season off to the stratosphere. Please check out the awesome video below of Jake Elliott’s parents reactions right after their son makes the greatest kick in franchise history. If that is not enough to hold you over until Friday, please check out my upcoming and past articles as well as my social media pages for some wholesome Eagles content. Just 4 more days people… Until next time and As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!