6 Days Until Kickoff

2 September 2019 Opinion

The countdown continues Eagles fans. In honor of 6 days until kickoff, I thought I’d change it up a bit. For those of you who were hype about hearing about Sav Rocca, Gary Adams, Bubby Brister, and company, I’m sorry to disappoint. That being said, I think that you’ll feel right at home. So without further ado, it’s time to get started. Work or school is in the rear view and it’s time to get your Eagles fix in. Post up in your favorite spot, grab a snack and a nice beverage before we start this up. Soon enough, we’ll all be on the edge of our seats as we watch our boys start off the 2019-20 campaign.

All offseason I’ve had a mosquito problem. No matter the time of day or where I venture, there are mosquitoes. We can all agree with how annoying these bugs can be. These bugs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of them are from Dallas and wear blue and silver. Some are from Louisiana and wear gold and black. Unfortunately, some even wear green and black. You go on Twitter and you hear, “Carson can’t stay healthy.” You go to Wawa and some clown says, “They won’t win because we got rid of Foles.” You go on Facebook and people want us to trade Jordan Howard before he even plays week 1. The list goes on and on. Power rankings have us lower than teams we beat last year with 10+ players on injured reserve. Carson drops 90+ spots on the player rankings. Sean McVay is a top 3 coach in the NFL even though he folds like an accordion every time Doug is staring back at him across the field. But please, keep doubting us. We love it.

Everywhere I go, it’s more of the same. Fans of the other 31 teams saying Wentz is overrated. At the same time, they’re praying he gets hurt. Hey geniuses, if you think he is overrated, then why are you hoping he gets hurt? In Philadelphia, we never hope that your player is hurt. We want your best. We want to play your best against our best. This way, when we send your sorry team home, you shouldn’t have any excuses. But we know you’ll still have an excuse. We own our sins. Still talking about Santa? Congratulations, you are about as authentic as that faded Dak Prescott jersey you’re wearing even though you live in Philly and have never stepped foot in Dallas. Keep rooting for “America’s Team.” The last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl, Fox News did not exist. Pokemon did not exist. Bill Clinton was on his first term. Independence Day was the highest-grossing movie of the year. You get the point. If you’re America’s Team, then America is celebrating mediocrity.

Six days Eagles nation. Only 4 more clock-ins until we are officially at kickoff weekend. In six days, we finally get to show the world that this team is nothing short of spectacular. All 53 men on this roster will contribute this season. Our offense will leave you like your ex-wife… tired, confused, and down a few points. You might as well do back pedals from end zone to end zone because that’s what’s coming your way. Defensively, your quarterback might want to wear a diaper and ask Antonio Brown for the best-recommended helmet. Case Keenum, my friends Fletch, Derek, BG, Malik, Timmy, Vinny, D Hall, will be more than happy to welcome you back to the Linc on Sunday. If they aren’t friendly enough, send that ball toward Darby, Sid, Malcolm, and Rodney and they’ll be happy to take it back the other way for 6.

We have been waiting for Sunday for so long. This is the longest wait I can remember. Maybe it’s because last year left a bad taste in our mouth. Maybe it’s because we know how great this year can be. Maybe it’s because we’re the best fan base in the world. A fan base that lives, breathes and sleeps Eagles football. Other fan bases are halfway in the door, our fan bases bought the entire house and painted it green. Crazy? Yes. The quality of Monday-Saturday comes down to if we left with a win or loss on Sunday. We’re all in. The 2019 Eagles are all in. Howie has built a wall around Carson and given him all of the weapons to fire back. It’s your last chance to get on the Wentz Wagon because it’s about to take off at 1 pm this Sunday and it won’t be stopping until after February 2nd in Miami. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!