7 Days Until Kickoff

1 September 2019 Eagles News

Only one week separates Eagles fans from watching what could be another historical run at a Super Bowl. The team has been said to be even more talented than it has been in very recent past. Carson Wentz, now healthy, will have to put on a show and get back to his stellar form he had back in 2017.


Speaking of putting on a show, there’s one Philadelphia Eagles quarterback who did that almost every time he got on the field. Widely considered as one of the most electrifying quarterbacks to every play, Michael Vick has a “second-chance” type of story that makes it easy to root for him.


There really wasn’t a quarterback quite like Vick. Dual-threat QBs weren’t largely popular when he entered the league and there were far less of them compared to today’s NFL. A combination of speed, agility and massive throwing power like no other, Vick was a great athlete and the star of the show every week.


Vick’s best year with the Eagles came in 2010, immediately following the Donovan McNabb era. One of Vick’s best highlights also came that year on November 15th. On the Eagles opening drive of the game starting at the 12-yard line, Vick calls play action, fakes the handoff to LeSean McCoy, steps back with great protection at the line of scrimmage, and throws a bomb to Desean Jackson for an 88-yard touchdown score. Plenty of fans are wishing to have Carson Wentz and company repeat Vick’s performance when the Eagles kick off versus the Redskins for the season opener.


Vick was given a second chance on his career and he proved he could change for the better off the field so that he could perform better on the field. Not a lot of people are a big fan of him outside of football. But that’s the thing. They hold on to his past. Without knowing or seeing his dog fighting incident or jail time, Vick would have been seen as a fantastic player and would have been idolized for years to come. Some people are more forgiving than others and that’s okay. However, Vick’s second chance with the Eagles changed his life and he ended up finishing strong and leaving a legacy as a top dual-threat QB of all time.


Today the Eagles are seven days away from regular season football. The team has an impressive roster to say the least and Wentz will be ready to take the field with his team and look to put together another MVP-caliber season. I can tell you there is little chance of Wentz scrambling, juking or even spinning like Vick this coming season. And he doesn’t need to. Wentz and the entire Eagles team will be electrifying in their own way in 2019.  Be prepared for the comeback.