11 Days’ Until Kickoff

28 August 2019 Eagles News

The countdown continues Eagles fans. In honor of 11 days’ until kickoff, I would like to talk up my guy, quarterback, Carson Wentz. Over the past 19 days, my colleagues at 4th and Jawn and I have brought you a player profile corresponding to how many days until kickoff. Over that time, we have covered some incredible players from the past and present. However, I noticed that the entire time I was waiting to get to this day, all I dealt with was questions and criticism about our QB1. Let me assure you now, if you do not want number 11 as the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, you do not want what’s best for this team or for this city. If you came here to get a biography on Carson, this ain’t it chief, but what I will provide for you today is insight and reasons to be enthusiastic about number 11 this year and until he hangs his last cleats up way down the road.

First off, enough of the injury talk. I get it, he missed the back end of the 2017 season… after diving for a touchdown in a game that would clinch the division while having an MVP-caliber season where he threw for 3,296 yards and 33 TDs in only 13 games (some where he was pulled early because we were blowing out the competition). He missed part of last season due to a back injury that he suffered after rehabbing non-stop all offseason to return off of a torn ACL after only 9 months. People act like Wentz purposely gets hurt or can control these types of injuries. It’s football. Some people can’t even walk around their house without getting hurt, Carson has 11 psychos trying to end his career around 70 times a game.

So hear me out, Carson is healthy. Period. The only thing that matters is now. As a true fan, you just have to focus on the now. If all you are worrying about is the health of Carson then you will drive yourself insane. Additionally, here is my question to you, who else are you going to get or who do you want as QB1? Want to go back to the day’s of Sanchez? How about a Sammy Sleeves bullet through Jordan Matthews hands? Right now, the Eagles have the best roster on paper in the history of the entire franchise. Yes, I said on paper; however, we know most of these guys can play. More importantly, we know Carson can play. The last time he had a full offseason to prepare and not focus on rehabbing an injury, he took over the league.

In 2016, Carson played all 16 games. With a pretty mediocre offensive skill group, he threw for 3,782 yards and 16 TDs (while his WR core dropped about 300+ more yards). In 2017, Carson finally had some help on the outside and some running backs. We saw him go off. In 2018, he was lighting it up as soon as he returned. Even after he felt his back go against the Vikings in week 5. Maybe Carson should have sat out but that isn’t his personality. He wants to give his teammates and this city everything he’s got. Yes, that can be dangerous but this year he won’t be put in that situation. Howie and the team went all in on Carson and the 2019 season.

Carson agreed to a four-year extension through 2024, the team announced Thursday. Wentz’s deal is worth $128 million, and up to $144 million, with $66 million fully guaranteed at signing and $107.9 million in guarantees. It is a lot of money, but he is worth. Additionally, Howie being the genius he is, got the deal done before Dallas signed Sack, I mean Dak Prescott (who is currently asking for more than we paid Carson). This deal tells Carson that he’s the guy. But in order to be the guy, you need some help sometimes. In 2017 and 2018, the Eagles dealt with an insane amount of injuries and still managed to win a Super Bowl and nearly make it back to the NFC Championship.

This offseason was all about Carson. Deal=Signed. Weapons? Sheeeesh, do we have them. Offseason 2019 was the offseason of offensive acquisitions.

  • Traded for: Jordan Howard who is third in rushing sincd 2016 and only 24
  • Traded for: DeSean Jackson who still averaged 18.9 yards per reception in 2018
  • Re-signed: WR Nelson Agholor, RB Darren Sproles, OL Stefan Wisniewski, OL Jason Peters, OL Isaac Seumalo, OL Jason Kelce, QB Nate Sudfeld
  • Signed: QB Josh McCown (mentor and veteran back up) and OL Brett Toth.
  • Drafted: OL Andre Dillard, WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside, and RB Miles Sanders

As you can see, Howie has been busy giving Carson everything and more to have a successful 2019 season. With way less help, Carson has thrown for nearly 4,000 yards as a rookie and was on an MVP pace in year two. In year three, he had a fracture in his back and still threw for 3,074 yards and 21 touchdowns in only 11 games. What you do you think is going to happen when he has the best line (with depth) in front of him, four running backs, and 6 top notch receiving options? Do you honestly think your defense can stop this offense? DeSean Jackson is on the outside so sure, shade your safety over the top. Thank you, now Ertz and Goedert have a little more room. Well sure, maybe a nickel defender will help out your linebacker in coverage against our tight ends. Don’t worry, that’s another player out of the box to help out against Howard, Sanders, Sproles, and Clement. Oh wait, there’s more. There’s still our WR1, Alshon Jeffrey who now has a 1v1 on the outside and Agholor or JJ with him as well if we’re not in two tight end set. You get the idea; Carson and the 2019 Eagles offense is about to be a whole lot of fun to watch.

You better save up your money now because you will want a ticket to the best show on earth starting September 8th at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and ending with some green and white confetti February 2nd at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. We are now only 11 days’ away from the start of our date with destiny. Only 11 more days until critics come up with another knock against Wentz. More than ever, Carson has committed his entire offseason to getting his body and mind right for the season. All of his other free time is spent doing charity, hunting, more charity, and handing out food and supplies to the needy. Meanwhile in Dallas, Dak is complaining about his contract and buying questionable novelties, Eli still thinks Odell is on the team, and Case Keenum still has nightmares from the last time he stepped in the Linc. So Eagles fan, be thankful for what we have. Not only do we have a great team, we have an amazing coach, front office, and the best fan base in the world. Let’s all breathe together now and take a moment to relax because all season long we’ll be screaming E-A-G-L-E-S or asking the person closest to the cooler for another cold one. Carson is genuinely good person and he is a great quarterback. If you root against him, go get help. Get ready for a historic season as number 11 leads us back to the promise land. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!