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18 Days Until Kickoff

21 August 2019 Uncategorized

Philadelphia is a resilient city. The fan base is nationally recognized for their unwavering passion for Eagles football. That is exactly what made the 2017 Super Bowl season so special. During the Andy Reid era, we continued to get knocked down after coming so close to that Super Bowl victory we waited over 50 years to capture. Those experiences made the eventual Super Bowl victory different from any other city’s. It was ours. The journey, the disappointments, and the destination were true character builders and became part who we were. It’s what makes Philadelphia so special.
It’s what makes Jeremy Maclin so special. Maclin is all that Philadelphia fortitude rolled into one player. The 6’0” Wide Receiver from Missouri was a projected as a Top 10 pick in the 2009 draft. Fate had its way, and Maclin slid out of the Top 10 right into Andy Reid’s clutches. What seemed like a setback for Maclin ended up being a blessing in disguise as Reid became a life – long mentor.  Maclin played with the Eagles from 2009 to 2014 and eventually followed Reid to Kansas City.
Maclin made a career of proving doubters wrong. Coupled with DeSean Jackson, he gave the Eagles the speed on the outside they desperately needed. It didn’t take long to realize they had a good one in Maclin. He made an immediate impact his second season in the NFL, by racking up 70 receptions, 964 yards and 10 touchdowns. Maclin overcame several challenges during his six-year stint with the Eagles, but none of them held him down for long. After battling through a lymphoma scare where an inflammatory illness caused him to miss training camp in 2011, he ended up tearing his ACL and missing the entire 2013 season.
Setbacks were always set ups for a comeback with Maclin. Just as critics started to count him out, he returned better than ever. With questions lingering whether the Eagles made the right move betting on Maclin to be a true No. 1 WR without DeSean Jackson on the other side, Maclin delivered in a big way. In 2014, he posted a Pro Bowl season with 85 receptions, 1,318 yards, and 10 touchdowns. He led the top 20 leaders in receptions with 15.5 yards per reception. He was a true No.1 wide receiver.
In 2015, Maclin reunited with Andy Reid in Kansas City, leaving the Chip Kelly regime behind in Philly. Reid raved about Maclin’s work ethic, intelligence, and character. He played 2 years with the Chiefs and one with the Ravens before retiring in 2019 to dedicate himself to being a father and husband. Maclin has joined his High School alma mater in Kirkwood, Missouri as a coach and looks to give back to the game. I am sure he will pass that same Eagles fortitude and his relentless drive to succeed onto our next generation of stars. #FlyEaglesFly




*Photo credit : NothingbutNiners.com

*Video credit : Fath3rCar