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30 Days’ Until Kickoff

9 August 2019 Uncategorized

In honor of the 30 days’ leading off until kickoff, 4th and Jawn presents to you a player countdown that will lead us up to game day eve. Everyday leading up to September 8th, we will drop something new to keep you engaged and ready to get things started for the 2019 season. To start things off, for day 30, we present to you, Corey Clement.

What a way to start off this countdown. I have the pleasure of discussing a local kid who became a Super Bowl hero. An undrafted rookie who became an undeniable asset to the best offense in the league. Right after the conclusion of the draft, I remember being in shock that he went undrafted and just prayed that Howie was ready to reel in Corey. As soon as I received the notification that he was joining us for camp, I told my friends and family to watch out for that guy. Sure enough, number 30 made a splash in year 1.

Corey Joel Clement hails from Glassboro, New Jersey. (Yes, his middle name is Joel… trust the process) He attended Glassboro High School where he rushed for 6,245 yards, 34 rushing TDs, and 90 total TDs in his career. Corey was originally committed to the University of Pittsburgh but switched to the University of Wisconsin. While at Wisconsin, Clement finished with 3,092 yards, a 5.4 average, and 38 total touchdowns. In his senior year alone, 30 ran for 1,375 yards and 15 scores. Those stats kind of make it hard to believe that he went undrafted. Nevertheless, the Philadelphia faithful are sure glad that the 31 other teams took him off their radar.

After going undrafted, Corey fought his way through a crowded and talented backfield. Eventually, Corey was pushed into the lineup and had his breakout game in week 9 against the Denver Broncos. Corey finished with 66 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns in front of a home crowd. He continued to shine all year and was a trusted skill guy among Carson Wentz’s arsenal of offensive weapons. Before he knew it, Corey was in Minnesota ready to play in the biggest game of his life, Super Bowl LII.

30 went from a local feel good story to a Super Legend on two plays. Late in the second quarter, the Eagles got the ball back and were looking to find the end zone or uprights to extend the 15-12 lead even more before halftime. On 3rd and 3, Corey swung out of the backfield and made strong safety Jordan Richards look like he had too many white claws as Corey left his head and body spinning after a 60 yard catch and run. Some people forget that this huge gain on 3rd down set up the legendary Philly Special play. The pride of Glassboro still had one more trick up his sleeve for the Philly faithful.

Again on a 3rd down play, with 7:22 to play in the 3rd quarter, number 30 comes up big again. With strong protection in front of him, Foles has a clean pocket to drop a care package right into the back of the end zone. Out of nowhere, a green blur streaks across the screen and splits three defenders to make an unbelievable toe-drag-swag catch for six more points. At this point in the game, Eagles fans were still nervous but as soon as Corey scored, Eagles nation as a whole erupted. The Birds go on to win the Super Bowl and the local kid becomes a local legend. It does not get much more poetic than that.

Corey had an injury filled sophomore year but he is hungrier than ever in year three. In a loaded backfield, the clutch ball carrier is ready to add to his legacy. If you think you are ready for these final 30 days’ to be over, you have no idea how excited Corey has been to strap up in front of the home crowd again. Corey represents the heart of Eagles fans. We are tough, often counted out, but will always give 100%. You will always be an Eagles legend Corey and we can’t wait to see you back in the end zone in 2019. Get ready for 29 more days and 29 more players Eagles fans. As always, Fly Eagles Fly!

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