Once Upon a Time in Philadelphia

28 July 2019 Opinion

Once upon a time in Philadelphia, there was a dream. Often times, dreams involve an individual achieving a feat/goal they have set out to conquer. In this case, this dream is being collectively sought out by millions. Starting from homes in Philadelphia and then spanning as far as the furthest corners of the globe, millions prepare for September 8th. On that day,  53 men, 29 coaches, and hundreds of workers wake up and start their march toward a business trip to Miami in February.

As we enter the 2019-20 season, the Philadelphia Eagles are only two years removed from their first Super Bowl Championship and it’s crazy to say that this years roster may be more talented. However, a great team on paper does not mean you will be holding a Super Bowl Champion headlined news paper when all is said and done. But this teams is different. We have been there before. Our coach is a proven winner and has the grit and heart to oversee any in game situation.

On both sides of the ball we have talent across the board. Like Leo and Brad, sometimes one guy has to be the star and the other has to be the stunt man and take the fall. There are no egos on this team. Sometimes Fletch has to take on a double team but that allows Derek, BG, and Malik to get 1 on 1’s. Sometimes Jordan sees a late blitz and instead of going into the flat as planned, he cuts down a defender who was keyed in on Carson. That is how you win games and that is the DNA of a championship team.

Our aspirations are not some Hollywood dream. We are the real deal. Defensive coaches are holding film reviews that are turning into Intro to Drawing courses because all they do is circle and mark up our players in an attempt to figure us out. In Washington, they do not even have 3 offensive players who can simulate our offense. Jay Gruden is doing his best Quentin Tarantino impression as he tries to set the scene for week 1. “Yeah Josh (Doctson), you’re going to be Alshon on this play, Jordan (Reed), I guess your Ertz, Brian (Quick) you’re a receiver, act like DeSean Jackson, Derrius (Guice)… oh wait you’re hurt, Adrian (Peterson) just stand there in pass protection because Flowers will probably get blown by. Alright guys, let’s run it!” You get it, they’re in big trouble.

Now on to the Redskin defense. Listen, they have some talent over there. I am a fan of Ryan Kerrigan, Jonathon Allen, Daron Payne, and Landon Collins, but we swept these guys last year and now we have more firepower. As stated in my previous article, DeSean is going to have Josh Norman on his heels  all day. Josh Norman is going to need an IV, a hip replacement, and a new insurance policy after week 1. If you don’t believe me, watch their number one corner get barbecued by rookie receiver Terry McLaurin.

I have a hard time believing that not only the Redskins, but any of the other 31 NFL teams can beat the 2019 Eagles. We have match up nightmares all over the field and experience all over the place. The past two year, we have suffered injuries. Though they are unfortunate, injuries have allowed younger guys to see an invaluable amount of game time experience. Just like when you’re cruising down Rodeo Drive and see stars from Harrison Ford to as young as Daisy Ridley, you are still star struct and do not even think of their age. Our roster is the perfect mix of experienced vets and youth. When the ball snaps, you throw out age and all of the other stuff. It is 11 of their best against 11 of our best. And in my opinion, I wouldn’t trade our 22 starters with any other teams 22.

As the number of Sundays’ until kick off fades away, the anticipation only builds. We all know how great this team can be thus adding to the suffering as we await the start of something great. I will tell you this though. In sports, most things are more of the same. Teams win, teams lose, players do this, players do that, etc. But in Philly it’s different. We have the 3gional Manager, Mike Scott,  running around Philly racing fans, hanging out at weddings, and signing autographs on a Friday afternoon in the city.

Like I said, no one likes us because we care. The hate for Philly is jealousy. They cannot comprehend the idea of being a faithful and full committed fan. The longest relationship a lot of these people have had is with their snooze button. Let them sleep on Carson and let them sleep on the 2019 Eagles, because by the time they wake up, we’ll be carrying the Lombardi on the Art Museum stairs once again. Just like Tarantino’s latest, you better grab a ticket see the Eagles in 2019 because it’s about to be one heck of a ride.  And you never know ladies, maybe you’ll find your Brad Pitt in a midnight green jersey. And guys, maybe you’ll find your Margot Robbie sinking a celeb shot in beer pong in the F1 parking lot. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!

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