Beasts of the East

22 July 2019 Opinion

Six. Only six more Sundays until we take flight at the Linc. Six. Six more points on the board after DJax burns Josh Norman like an overcooked french bread pizza at 2am in a college kitchen. Can you feel that, can you feel that feeling of anticipation and excitement? No, it’s not your birthday or Christmas Eve Ralphie. It’s almost game day people and the Birds are about to take flight. In 2019, Wentz and the gang take their first step to become the Beasts of the East.

Unless you live under a rock Patrick, you know that the Birds are loaded with some stars. Both sides of the ball will be feared. Howie and the dearly departed… to New York, Joe Douglas, absolutely loaded up our roster to make another run toward the promise land. It is hard to ignore this feeling. Listen, real Eagles fans always try to stay optimistic, but we also try to be realist. If we are lacking at a certain position, we’ll call it out immediately. However, this year is different; even my uncles can’t find one position to complain about.

So here it is. There you are; finally in your seats at the Linc and ready to watch the game. The scent of the fireworks left over from the National Anthem still lingers. The beer is cold but the look your future wife just gave to the Redskins fan next to her was even colder. (And that kids is how I knew she was the one.) Back to business. The Eagles are receiving the ball and you watch Corey take the kickoff at full speed and bang bodies with some weirdo from Washington. Now it’s time; Carson signals the huddle. Your eyes focus in and it as if nobody is around you, all you can see are eleven  green jerseys and eleven red jerseys. Kevin Hart’s voice* “It’s about to go down.”

Okay, let’s be real. If you are an opposing defense. You have to feel disrespected every week before you play Philadelphia. The media gives you no attention and asks how on earth are you going to stop those guys. Player’s think to themselves, “why don’t you talk about us?” Don’t worry my guy, they’ll be talking about you. In fact, we’ll all be talking about you getting dusted by DJax. Yeah, we’ll be talking about Alshon and JJ beating you to the high point in the end zone. And when you are done dealing with those three on the outside, we’ll send 116 reception man Zach Ertz down the seam, followed by emerging tight end Dallas Goedert to the corner, and even follow that up with Nelly running a slant under your safety. Shout out to Billy May’s, because wait, there’s more. After you’re done icing your necks and hips covering those guys, Jordan Howard is running right down the alley. Want to end your suffering faster, we’ll send Corey or Sproles out on a wheel and have you reading their last name on the back of their jersey’s real quick.

Still not convinced? Critics will still say, “someone still has to get the ball to them.” Oh we have that someone. There’s a lot of nobodies in the league let alone life itself. That’s just facts. Carson Wentz is a somebody. Fan’s of the other 31 teams and even some Eagles “fans” criticize this man non stop. All I hear is, “he can’t stay healthy” and/or “what has he done?” People who criticize him, A. have never watched every game he has played, or B. they do not know football/just like to argue for the sake of arguing. Yes, Carson has been injured. He tore is ACL diving for a touchdown in the biggest game of the season and even stayed in after to throw a touchdown to Alshon on one leg. People act like he gets hurt on purpose. Only nine months removed, Carson came back and put up better than average numbers while playing at way less than 100%. Now Carson enters year four with more weapons and protection than ever; moreover, he is a year wiser. He will take of himself and take care of opponents defenses at will. Carson Wentz is a top 5 quarterback this season in an era of the NFL where 3 of the most accomplished quarterbacks in NFL history have played in (Brees, Brady, and Rodgers).

I’m not going to waste time talking about the abundance of  Carson’s accomplishments. If you know you care and if you care you know. 11 is a special talent on the field and the type of person you’d want by your side for anything. He is a pro’s pro and see’s the world the right way. This article is not to discount the other quarterback’s in the NFC East, but if you think that any of the other 3 quarterbacks are more talented than Wentz than you need to either tone down the bias or tone down the alcohol percentage because there is no debate. By his peers, Wentz was voted the 3rd best player in the entire league in 2017 when his play was hotter than some habanero salsa from Tacomar in West Chester. Players came to Philadelphia for the chance to be apart of history. The rest of the NFC is on standby as they will get a taste of what’s to come in this division week 1.

Whether it is Colt McCoy or Dwayne Haskins, it doesn’t matter. He or she will be standing across from speedster Derek Barnett, finesse rusher Malik Jackson, jack of all trades Fletcher Cox, and the always active Brandon Graham. We will also be rotating in Timmy Jernigan, Vinny Curry, Shareef Miller, and Josh Sweat. Behind them we have Nigel Bradham, Zach Brown, Kamu Grugier-Hill, and other promising guys like TJ Edwards and LJ Fort. If you manage to get past that after a few no calls on holding, Mr. Jenkins and Mr. McLeod will gladly send you back to your sideline looking through your helmets ear hole. To assist them, Jalen, Ron, Sul, Avonte, Cre’Von, and Sidney will make sure you get there as fast as humanly possible. The defensive mindset of Coach O from LSU is all we are about in 2019 and on. The rest of the division and league better have their ice baths ready. Just ask Todd Gurley how the rest of his season went after he played us last year.

I have said my peace and now it’s almost time. Almost time for the Eagles to reclaim the throne and hold onto it for the long haul. Carson is ready to be the king of the east. Get ready for a high flying offense, bone crushing defense, and unseen play calls from a guru in a visor. Load up the coolers, call the babysitters, and have a Pedialyte on standby because it’s almost time for lift off kids. Only six more weeks of watching 2018 highlights. Only six more weeks of being undecided if you should buy that Dallas Goedert jersey. September 8th will give you 100 more reasons to put up with your day job to keep paying the cable bill to watch the games and able to afford your Sunday best (which is a black BDawk jersey and a new Eagles cap).

If you are ready for Eagles football then listen to this. There will be ups, there will be downs; that’s football and that is life. But in our city. Our city. Our players and coaches look at that logo on their sleeve and take it to heart. In Philly, being an Eagle means something. This isn’t about paychecks. This is about a family. If one of us starves, we all starve.  More importantly, when one of us eats, we all eat. Jason Kelce told us how hungry that 2017 was. It may just be me, but the rest of the NFL and their keyboard warrior fans rang the dinner bell this off season and I think we’re about to answer the call. So please, always stay in good health but more than ever in the first weekend of September. Remember, the team feeds off of our energy. When I am there on September 8th side by side with my brother’s and sister’s in green, I will remember that first play. That first play is going to ignite our season and ignite this city. That’s all from me for now. As Always, Fly Eagles Fly!

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