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Linebacker Jerry Iweh ready to make most of opportunity at Eagles minicamp

29 April 2019 Eagles News

I spoke with OLB Jerry Iweh from Fairmont State University this past Sunday. Iweh was invited to the Eagles minicamp that will take place in early May. In his interview, Iweh mentioned his versatility on the field as a defender, his love for Eagles LB Nigel Bradham’s game, and explains his passion outside of football. Below is the full interview, written in Q&A format.

First of all Jerry, thank you for allowing me to do this interview. Give me two feelings that you are feeling right now.

Thank you for having me. I would say I’m excited and hungry. I want to get out there.

How did you find out you were invited to the Eagles minicamp?

About five to ten minutes after the draft they had called me and Chris Nolan (Eagles scouting assistant) asked me if I wanted to go to the Eagles camp and I said I would. I gave my agent his number and they started conversing and things went on from there.

Did you get any invites to minicamps from other teams?

Today (Sunday I got an invite from the Ravens minicamp as well and I decided to go to both of them.

I’ve seen both defensive back and outside linebacker listed next to your name. Explain that to me and describe your game as a player.

I ran a 4.25 in college and I played that flat defender, glorified safety role but I practiced with the linebackers. I’m going into the league as an outside linebacker but I can also play safety. I think of myself as a very versatile defender that can really play any position on the field.

Do you have a favorite position out of the ones you mentioned?

Not really. I don’t really have a favorite. You can line me up anywhere and I’ll play it.

Do you have a favorite game from college, maybe one that you think you performed exceptionally well in or had the best tape of you?

I had a couple. I would say against West Liberty University. That was my senior game. Also, Notre Dame College. It was the Division II national showcase game. That was a pretty good game for me. It came down to the wire.

Looking back at your college career, would you change anything?

Nope. I wouldn’t change a thing. I would do it all over again. Everything. Especially my senior year. It was one of the best seasons of my school’s career.

Talk to me about the future for you. What were your expectations after college?

Of course every kid expects to get drafted. I had hopes of getting drafted in one of the late rounds, but you know God had other plans so I’m just following his lead. Wherever I go, wherever he takes me I’m just gonna give it my all. Whatever opportunity I get I’m going to make the most of it.

Away from football for a second, what do you like to do in your spare time? What are your hobbies or things you like to do when football isn’t on the mind?

I’m a gamer, I play video games a lot. But I also like to cook. I like to experiment with cooking. I like to challenge myself with cooking recipes or finding new flavors that go together people wouldn’t think go together. And also I like to read anatomy books. I’m a chemistry major but I really like to read anatomy books for some reason. I don’t know just looking at the muscles and the tendons is interesting to me.

Do you think that would be your next career after football, somewhere in that department?

Yeah I had plans of becoming a physicist and trying to find a cure for colon cancer. My interest for that started in the 8th grade. I really just kept that to myself and used that as a drive towards my education in that field.

Are there any Eagles players that you would like to learn from or have mentor you?

Oh yeah of course, Nigel Bradham. I used to watch his highlight tape before every game of my senior year and it’s kind of funny that now I’m going to Eagles minicamp and I might actually get a chance to meet him. His play style at outside linebacker for the Eagles was really intriguing when I saw him on tape. He plays with so much tenacity and so much speed. He really covers his ground and I would love for him to teach me the ropes from that defensive perspective just so I can get a better understanding of his style.

If in the future he becomes your mentor, how would you feel lining up with him on game day?

I’d honestly feel honored, but at the same time I feel so competitive that I’d have to out-do him and try to out-do him the entire game. That’s my competitive nature.

Is there anything you want to let fans know heading into this Eagles minicamp?

If you didn’t know who I was before, you’re going to know who I am when I get there. I’m ready and I’m coming. I’ve gotten an opportunity here so I’m going to make the most of it.