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DT Jeffrey Simmons had dinner with the Eagles

27 March 2019 Uncategorized

According to NFL Networks’s Tom Pelissero, the Philadelphia Eagles “dined” with DT Jeffrey Simmons Tuesday night.

The Eagles who have space on the roster for a younger DT to develop, could still be interested in the Mississippi State prospect. Looking at the money spent at the DT position, it would make sense for the Eagles to bring in someone who is cheaper and can learn behind guys like Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson. There is only one problem: the Eagles will have to wait another year for his services, as Simmons tore his ACL preparing for the NFL Draft this off season.

Before his injury, Simmons was a top-10 talent and one of the top defensive tackles in this draft. However, with all his talent, he does have a red flag under his belt. When Simmons was in high school, he was involved in a fight that included his family member and another woman. The Mississippi State prospect ended up assaulting the woman who was fighting with his sister. Since the altercation in 2016, he has kept his nose clean and has been a solid contributor on the field and off since he stepped on campus.

The Eagles are known for doing their due diligence and if they feel Simmons has moved on from his past and believe he can be a solid member of the organization, they could pull the trigger if he’s still on the board in the second. Back in 2017, the Eagles drafted an injured Sidney Jones with the 43rd pick in the second round, so they’re no strangers to taking a chance on injured players with upside.

Simmons is quite the disruptive force and a future with him in the middle next to Fletcher Cox would be scary for opposing teams.

Mandatory photo credit: Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images