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Eagles and Jason Kelce agree to term on a one year contract extension, securing him until 2021

2 March 2019 Uncategorized

The Philadelphia Eagles have secured another key veteran player for the immediate future.

This morning the Eagles announced they and center Jason Kelce have agreed to a one year contract extension securing him until 2021. By doing so, the team has quieted any questions about Kelce’s immediate future and likely freed up some cap space for this season as well.

A topic this offseason was, is Kelce committed to playing? In a interview with Philadelphia Eagles’ own Dave Spadaro on Saturday, here’s what Kelce had to say about where he’s standing at this point in his career.

For the past two years, you kind of re-evaluate where you’re at at the end of each season,” he said on Saturday. “As you get older, the seasons become harder to play. The injuries that you’ve had for a long time start to add up and at different in the season and at the end of the season when all of the injuries have added up, you sit back and think about it. My wife (Kylie) and I have discussions, and we’ve had them for the last two years about what’s next and where we’re at and whether I can do another one and whether it’s in the best interest long term for my health. At the end of the day, once I’m on the field, once I’m in the building, I just love this game. I love our team, I love being a part of it. Those are the things that keep bringing me back. Those things will never go away. It’s just how much longer can the physical aspect hold up.”

Physically, Kelce has been deteriorating like every player who’s been playing at such a high level for a good number of years. However, his passion for this team and city brings him back.

That’s what important here, he’s more motivated by playing for the Eagles than anything else. He’s still the best center in the NFL so as he’s seeing it harder to play physically, from our eyes, there’s not too much of a drop off. During the Super Bowl run, Kelce was playing his best football.

Securing your own talent is the marquee stable of a good franchise. Draft your own talent and treat them right and again, that’s what the Eagles have done by securing Kelce until 2021. Fly Eagles Fly!


Photo: David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports